iPhonaddict Quick Tip: How to Send Group Emails on iOS

One thing that has annoyed me going all the way back to my 1st iPhone in 2007 was that in order to send an email to multiple recipients, I would have to enter each contact individually in the "To:" field. So let's say you want to send out some recent vacation photos to all your family members or you need to send a memo out to your coworkers which consists of about a dozen different people. Well it's just not the best experience when done on an iOS device. Although, you can create contact groups on the iPhone, you can't send emails to that particular group simply by entering the groups name such as "Family" or "Team" into the "To:" Field of the email. But, there is a workaround, and here it is.....

This is a great solution for those of you who repeatedly send out emails to a group of the same people on a regular basis.

1) First, you want to copy and paste the email of each individual contact that you want to include in a group into a new note using the built-in notes app on your i-Device. You have to use notes as the punctuation key needed is not accessible in the contacts app.

2)Next, you want to link all those emails together in one string seperating each email with a comma and enclosing each email listed inside these "<" and ">". 


3) Then what you want to do is create a new contact and give that contact a name that resembles the group you would like to send to such as "Friends", "Family" or "Coworkers". Then copy and paste that email string from your note pad into the email field of your newly created group contact.


4) Compose and email and as recipient, just enter the name of the group contact you created. 

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