iPhonaddict Quick Tip: Copying a Photo From an Album to Your Camera Roll

Hello, fellow iOS compadres. 

I ran into an interesting problem moments ago, but as soon as I discovered the problem, I found a solution to that problem. 

I was attempting to upload a photo of my daughter to my new favorite social networking site Path. Unfortunately, Path only allows photos to be imported from the camera roll. I found this to be a common issue with several apps I have used in the past. I am not sure if it is an oversight or purposely done by the developer. The photo I wanted to post was one that was in one of my albums. Now, Photostream allows you to take any of that last 1000 pics you have taken and save them to your camera roll. But what if that photo is not in Photostream? Don't sweat it. Here is a quick fix for just that.

First, open up your Photos app on your iPhone or iPad. Then locate the album where your photo of choice is located. Find your photo and select the option to "Message" it. Then, simply message yourself the photo. Then, you want to open your Messages application and find the thread that is a litterally a coversation to yourself and open that thread. Find the photo and tap on the image. Then you want to save it to your Camera Roll. Finally, go back to your app and upload that photo as it will be sitting in your camera roll waiting on you. 

I hope this quick tip helps someone. Thanks for reading.