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iPhone Docked App Review


App Review: MyPhoneDesktop for Mac, PC, Linux, iPhone or iPad


Developer: JProductivity, LLC


App Store Link: MyPhoneDesktop


Price in App Store: $4.99


App Review written by Clay Russell (The iPhonaddict) of the iPhone Docked Podcast


App Summary: 

MyPhoneDesktop is a universal app that serves as a communication hub for your Mac, PC, Linux machine, iPhone or iPad. It is really a utility for the productivity guru. There are times when I am in “work mode” when my fingers are on the keyboard, my eyes are fixed to my laptop screen and I just want to get thing done. As I am working, things come to my mind which I need to make note of but I don’t want my work to come to an abrupt halt. Enter MyPhoneDesktop


In order to set this powerhouse of a tool up, you will need to set up your clients. The first thing you want to do is go into the App Store in iTunes or on your device and install the mobile client. You can find it here:


Next, you need to get the MyPhoneDesktop application for your Mac or PC which you can find here


Finally, to get even more use out of this tool, the developers have also made a web client which you can find here:


Now you need to go into the settings menu, go through the options and tweak to your hearts content.


To get the most out of your setup, I encourage you to do the following: (This is not necessary, but it will allow you to do so much more with the app.) 


  1. Set up a Google Voice account.
  2. Download InstaTodo for iPhone (find my review for this amazing Task Manager here.
  3. Download Wolfram Alfa to your iPhone or iPad. (great for calculations on the fly)

Once you have this done, you are ready to go!


Now picture yourself immersed in a spreadsheet when you suddenly remember that your spouse asked you to bring home some items from the grocery store. Well, using your desktop or web client you just downloaded, you can quickly send that along with some other items that have came to mind right to your iPhone’s task manager application without ever leaving your keyboard. 

Or maybe you need to send a message to your business associate to remind them of the meeting time change tomorrow. This can be done by either using MyPhoneDesktop along with your Google Voice account to send this SMS directly to the recipient from your desktop or send the message to the iPhone which will open the dialer in your phone. 

Another great tool that MyPhoneDesktop has built it is it’s ability to serve as a way to copy and paste URLs, pictures or just plain text directly to your mobile device without the hassle of using a multitude of other apps or services. It’s all built right in! 

Need to know how many days until December 6th 2011? Ask the question in the dialogue box of the desktop client and let Wolfram Alfa do the work. Seconds later you can view the results via the Wolfram Alfa calculator app right on your mobile device. 

Basically, MyPhoneDesktop uses push notifications as the method to transfer and communicate all these bits of data between your devices. I challenge you to find another application that can all do this with such ease. There are so many ways to use this application that it would be impossible to get at them all. My suggestion? Download the app for yourself and start working towards making your workflow a more streamlined and uninterrupted experience.

What i-Like: numerous uses, available on the Mac, PC, web, iPhone or iPad, works in conjunction with other commonly used apps and built-in system apps on your iPhone or iPad


What i-Don't Like: the UI is not the prettiest, easy to be overwhelmed with so many uses, complete setup takes some time


Summary: At $4.99, it is a definite buy if your time is of value to you. (Note: I personally paid for this application prior to this review and was quite pleased with the value.) If you don’t spend a chunk of your day on your computer, you may not find this app as useful as I did. However, if you do find yourself in front of your computer for long periods of time and are constantly looking for ways to improve your productivity while cutting down on “plugged-in” time, then you should get this app, set it up and start using it instantly!


Here is another screenshot of the iPhone app in action with all the shortcuts available:

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Developer note: myPhoneDesktop used by many clients who are not at their computer all the time. For example: using myPhoneDesktop to get articles, directions, etc while at airport kiosk or at hotel's business center... or local library... or friend;s house... in all of these and alike places users can open web browser, hop on full features and secure myPhoneDesktop web client and send Map directions, address, urls, images, etc... Also, some client used mPD so their assistants or secretary initiate calls, etc on their behalf so, your secretary will send you short text confirmation via myPhoneDesktop: "Clay you would be talking to Mr. Smith in 5 min" and in 5 min she uses myPhoneDesktop to initiate call to Mr. Smith and your iPhone just start ringing regardless where you at e.g., driving in Tokyo :) so you do not need to remember Mr. Smith phone number, take your eyes of the road, etc... Similar usage for people who do not have secretary or assistant - they (Mac OS X only at the moment) can schedule phone calls and SMS with myPhoneDesktop (see Phone View | Additional Actions button) and at scheduled time they will receive push notification, accept it and their phone will ring or SMS will be sent...