iOS App of the Moment: Alarm Clock Connect

Who couldn't use another alarm clock to help them get up and face life every morning? This App of the Moment is a perfect compliment or replacement to the alarm clock of your choice now. But it's not just an alarm clock. It is much, much more. Here is a breakdown of 6 key features:

1. Alarm clock with the ability to wake you up via any song in your iPod library. It also has snooze options and push notification options for if you leave the app but still depend on that alarm to wake you in the morning.

2. It displays the current weather conditions as well as today and tomorrow's forecast.

3. It gives you current calendar information.

4. It allows you to fall asleep to you favorite music and has a built in sleep timer to turn the music off after a designated time period.

5. It also offers Facebook and Twitter feeds.

6. Included is a nifty little dimmer switch.

Check out Alarm Clock Connect in the App Store for only $0.99.

It's useful. It's beautiful. It's affordable.