I Dream of iPhone: An iDream Post by Ellyn N. Sims aka @Rockerchick


They say the first step in overcoming any problem is admitting it. I, Ellyn Sims, am an iPhone addict. Since the release of the iPhone 4S last October, I have gotten iPhone 5 Google alerts delivered to my inbox the moment they occur. I can’t get enough of reading about the upcoming device. Maybe it’s because I went to an Android two years ago and have been pining away for my cell phone carrier to get the iPhone. In October they finally did, but the 4S wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for. Though it is beautiful, the screen is stunning, and I’m in love with Siri (to the point of playing with anyone’s iPhone 4S that will let me); I still want more. What more can a girl ask for? Just you wait! Before we get there I’ll tell you what’s rumored that actually doesn’t really matter (to me of course).

What doesn’t matter (to me)…… in the new iPhone

NFC is touted to be coming to the new iPhone. To some techies it sounds sexy. It actually does to me as well. However, until retailers buy into it with equipment upgrades, there’s not enough of a drive to support and sustain this new technology. I am aware that it can be used with multiplayer gamers, hotels are using it to unlock rooms, and other macros can be written for it, but is that enough of a reason to add it to the new iPhone? The major reason that iPhone bloggers are saying it will be in the next iPhone iteration is for iWallet. But one major factor to consider is this: additional banking regulations are coming down the pipeline in the next two years thanks to the Dodd-Frank bill and constant government overhaul of the banking industry. Apple is way too cautious to put their eggs in a basket that still has unforeseen regulations to come. There’s just too much uncertainty with the banking industry as it now stands and it could be more of a detriment to Apple than a boon at this point. Keep in mind that PayPal may soon be regulated like a bank and any business that operates in pseudo-bank style, i.e. holding and distributing money while taking a percentage as fees, cutting checks and paying people with said money, will likely come under federal scrutiny and regulations. If Apple does go ahead with iWallet, I doubt it will be PayPal lite.

A projection feature has also been rumored to be on the next iPhone device. This would be a useless feature for many users. It may be fun to tinker around with. But what really would you do with it? Project your Keynote presentation onto a screen? Where are the controls on an iPhone? Can you use a remote? I think there is no market for it and a projector would be a waste of money for an additional component that may have very few takers.

As a switch hitter between both Android and iPhone (two years on each platform) I have to say that I am not actually interested in having an SD card in the new iPhone. Give me enough space on the actual phone itself and I’m as happy as a lark. With the advent of iCloud with 5 gigs included and the ability to purchase more space, I’d say the SD card is a fairly moot point now.

From what I’ve seen on the HTC Evo 3D and Nintendo 3DS, 3D technology in nano form is only in its infancy. There’s actual hard evidence that this kind of 3D gaming can cause permanent sight damage in children. In my own experience of viewing both the Evo 3D & Nintendo 3DS is, it caused blurred vision and headaches. I personally refuse to let my daughter use the 3D feature on her Nintendo 3DS. Verdict: 3D is an unnecessary gamble that causes more trouble than actual enhancements to the user experience - and we know Apple is all about the user experience.

A dedicated camera button is another feature that iPhone users are supposedly clamoring for. With the new quick unlock feature from the lock screen, thanks to the iOS 5.1 update, I don’t think this is necessary. Adding another button adds a manual key that could malfunction, it takes up more space and serves no other purpose. The iPhone is a beautiful piece of hardware and I don’t want to see the product get bogged down with extra buttons for no reason. If anything Apple is less likely to add more physical buttons to the new generation phone. Apple is all about style and function, and the touch screen camera button is fine. If it ain’t broke……

What a girl wants…… in the new iPhone

If Apple were my fairy godmother and she allowed me a personal wish list to be fulfilled on the iPhone 5 (or whatever it’s called) here are my personal wishes:

Waterproofing: Nothing is worse than dropping your phone in the toilet! For one, it’s in the toilet and for two, it’s in the toilet. But mostly it’s fried and there is nothing you can do about it. With the waterproofing technology such as Liquipel and HzO that coat the internal components of electronics, this would save countless users time, money, and aggravation, not to mention phone insurance claims would greatly decrease.

Next is of course 4G. I don’t think I need to state the obvious, but faster speeds blah blah blah…. Even though my network has yet to roll it out in my neck of the woods and financially they are standing on shaky ground, I want a 4G phone. Having the ability to use blazing speed for accessing the internet, movies and such is certainly high up on my list.

All I need is 4 inches. Yes boys, you heard me correctly! I want a four inch screen. Anything larger would compromise one handed texting and the perfect fit phone. From what I’ve seen of several of the fantasy iPhone 5’s, it’s possible for Apple to keep the footprint of the phone exactly the same if they make the current screen edge to edge. I love the weight and feel of the iPhone in my hand. Apple don’t change a thing!

What’s in a name? Personally, if my fairy godmother commanded Apple to call the new phone the iPhone 4SJ, I’d be happy. If we are to believe the latest rumors, the new iteration will be released in October, probably on or near the one year anniversary of Steve Jobs’ death. What better way to pay homage to the man who created the iRevolution than to name the last phone that he poured his heart into, even from his hospital bed, after him? Apple can drop numbers from the iPhone after this one. It makes sense to cement Jobs’ legacy with the next phone. It’s sure to be the iPhone killer that every manufacturer swears they’ve made since the inception of the original iPhone. All jokes aside, I’m betting that the new phone alone will surpass the opening day sales of all other iPhones combined.

Facetime for all. I’d like to see Facetime work with other platforms. I’ve used several video chat features on the Android and none of them can touch Facetime. I’d like to be able to see my Android loving friend’s faces without being time-delayed and with substandard choppy video and audio. At this point, QikVideo, Tango, Yahoo Messenger, and Skype are all poor substitutes in the wake of Facetime. Help me to see more clearly, my non- iPhone friends that is.

Last but never least, I need the battery life to be unrivaled in this next iPhone. Not only will the new design be sleek and one that all smartphone users will wish they had, but with a battery that will last all day without needing a charge, it will be just one more reason to jump ship to Apple’s flagship phone. Android users are tired of being tethered to a charger all day. You may as well have a landline the way these 4G/3G phones have to be tethered to the juice machine.

Final Thoughts

There’s so much more that we could want Apple to put into the new iPhone. But I suspect from the looks of the New iPad that Apple will go the cautious route. Honestly, I don’t expect to be wowed with the new iteration. But I do expect sweet relief in October when I get to hold it in my hand and finally put my mind at ease and my iPhone 5 Google alerts to rest. Until then, I will continue to be dreaming of iPhone 5, or whatever it’s called.

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