i-Device Dilemma: Making Sense of Home Screens

I like things to make sense. I like things to be familiar. I like knowing that there is some fluidity in my workflows. But I have a dilemma. At what point does keeping things familiar and fluid get in the way of making sense? This is where my problem lies. 

Owning an iPhone and an iPad is wonderful. Don't get me wrong. I love all my i-Stuff. But I would be telling a lie if I didn't say there was quite the overlap in functionality between these two amazing mobile devices. For the first several months, I could't find a reason to pick up my iPad. My iPhone was already in my hand and it completed 99% of the things an iPad could do. As a matter of fact, I sold my 1st iPad after struggling to find a purpose for it in my life.

Fast forward a few months later and I own the iPad 2. Why? Because it's the latest Apple device and I have to have it. True fanboy here! You caught me. And, even with the iPad 2, I still struggled finding time and ways to use it. Is it truly a mobile device? Is it really practical to carry around an iPhone and an iPad? I came to the realization that I needed to define how I would use the iPad 2 in my day to day life or I would be giving it up as well. 

Then it hit me. One of the self inflicted problems I created for myself was trying to mirror the iPad experience into an exact replica of my iPhone in terms of how I set it up and how I used it, what applications I would be using and when I would use them. That is where my problem was. This is not a big iPhone. This is something different entirely. I decided to rethink and reorganize how I will use the iPad from this point forward. I quit trying to work it into my life and instead let it find it's way into my daily regimen naturally. 

The first thing I did was setup my home screen in an entirely different way. Gone was the copycat iPhone set up and introduced was a new home screen setup tailored for exactly what I use the iPad for. The iPad is my primary means of media consumption. Apps like Netflix, Vevo, iBooks, Plixy, Zite, Flipboard and Instapaper found their way to the first page along with a few apps for productivity and social networking. Instantly, I found new life in my iPad. It was a differently device entirely once I wrapped my brain around this concept and embraced it. 

This whole post was an outlet for the jumbled up mess inside my head as a result of wasted countless hours organizing, reorganizng, syncing, deleting and installing apps to find the right setup for my iPad. I have finally found peace. The iPhone is good at some things where the iPad is better at others. Find your balance and get the most out of both devices.