How You Know When It's Time to Clean House

Owning a 32GB iPhone, you would think that memory would be plentiful. But after taking into consideration the music, tv shows, movies, music, photos, books and abundance of apps available to everyone of us iDevice users out there, it's no wonder that I'm starving for more memory.

I have battled some of these memory issues with the help of some media streaming apps such as Netflix ( ) for watching movies and Rdio ( ) for streaming my music. But even then I have found that I am in need of more space.

That's when I had to face reality. I am an App Whore. With over 400 apps on my iPhone, I have come to realize that I need to clean house. 80% of my 32 gigs of storage was filled by apps. It was time to make some tough decisions and really decide if I was ready to do what had to be done. I decided that I could not really consistently play 100 or so games simultaneously, so I decided to start my cleansing there. With a shaky finger and watering eyes, I began to start deleting some of those games that just weren't getting played. Icon by icon and row by row, the app junky in me went away and the minimalist in me came out to celebrate. 100 app deletions and an hour or so later, I was left with 12 games on my iPhone and 10 megabytes of free memory. It feels good to have breathing room again.

So is it time for you to clean your house? Share your thoughts.