How iMatch Saved My Ass From My Own Stupidity

It was a cold dark night. I was doing my usual monthly routine of backing up my iTunes library. Now I have a Macbook Air with a limited hard drive space. So I use a Western Digital Passport as my iTunes Library drive. Well, I am not a total moron. I do practice good backup techniques. But what happened to me last night could have been a nightmare of epic proportions. 

I was about 90% through with a Super Duper backup of my iTunes library that was being copied to a backup drive that contained a copy of my iTunes library. All was going well as it usually does when suddenly as my wife stepped into the living room she stumbled on a network cable that I stupidly had laid across the living room floor. The drive containing my backup iTunes library became detached from my Macbook (not properly unmounted...oh the horror!) and the drive bounced off the hard wood floor. These were the slowest 2 seconds of my life as I saw it all happen like a full length feature picture. I stared at my wife with a "It's all your fault!!" look on my face knowing inside that it was my carelessness that led to the catastrophe. I immediately remounted my backup library only to get the "unreadable disk" message. Ok, no big deal right? I have my original copy. Worse comes to worse and I will go out and buy another hard drive and resume my backup practices. But first, I wanted to try and repair the drive so I loaded up the Drive Utility app on my Mac and began the repair and erase to see if the drive could be salvaged and just like that, it was erased and it appeared to be fine. But wait..........O........M.......G!!!!!!!

I erased the wrong freaking drive!!! I erased my orginal drive!!!! How could I have been so stupid? So now I have a corrupted drive with unreadable files and I completely wiped out my original iTunes library. Tears began to well up as I began to think about all the dollars overs the last several years invested in legitimate iTunes media. I sat there with that sick feeling in my stomach as I pondered a life without my Mac, without my iPad and without my iPhone. Could this be the turning point for me? Could God be giving me a way out of the Apple ecosystem by destroying everything that holds me to the platform, the thousands and thousands of dollars spent $0.99 at at time going back to first iPod I have ever owned? 

Then it happened.....iMatch....iMATCH...iMATCH!!!.

A light bulb went off and it suddenly came to me. Apple knows what I purchased and as of just recently, they allow me to redownload my purchases. Oh, but what about those music purchases that didn't come from Apple? They have been uploaded to their servers. Apple has all my stuff!!! So as my media redownloads to it's rightful spot on my externald drive, I can't help but think that the one disaster that could separate me from the Apple lifestyle I have been a part of for so long, was turned into an experience that drew me even closer to the platform I love. 

Thank you iTunes. Thank you iMatch. Thank you Apple. 


One thankful customer