How Do You Organize Your Apps?

With iOS 4.0, Apple gave us the ability to create folders. By simply dragging one app onto another, a folder will be created including the 2 apps you dragged together. Then you can add up to 10 more additional apps and then name the folder whatever you like or by default, Apple will name it based of the majority category of the apps inside the folder.

So, after you have all your folders put together, how do you arrange them on the 11 pages Apple gives us? This is where I would like to share with you my system.

Page one is reserved for apps that I do not include in a folder. These apps get used daily and often throughout the day. I use them so much that I don't want to even hassle with opening up a folder to use them.

On the following pages, I set up folders at the top of the page based off categories with my favorites of those categories underneath the folders so they are easy to find.

How do you organize your apps? Do you have a system? Comment.