Hey Loser! Why Are You Not Using Launch Center Pro on Your iPhone?

I have been an iPhone user since 2007. That's right. I jumped on the iPhone bandwagon the minute I saw the keynote where Steve Jobs made all of our mobile device dreams come true. It's been 5 years and I still love the iPhone. The fusion of beautiful hardware and innovative software has stood the test of time for me. Yet, as much as I love the iPhone, I sometimes crave more functionality then the iPhone offers. One app that has made it's way to my iPhone's dock and has dramatically changed the way I use my iPhone is Launch Center Pro

You may have not heard of Launch Center Pro, and you have my sympathy. This post is not to educate you on how to use this amazing utility but more to give you some insight into the ways it can enhance your iPhone experience. But you are reading this post so let me help you get started in making Launch Center Pro a welcome addition to your iPhone's arsenal of apps. 

Launch Center Pro is a shortcut launcher for launching apps and direct actions within applications using URL schemes

I want to share with you just a few of the ways that I use Launch Center Pro. Some actions are more common then others. Some are more for the productivity nuts out there. Regardless of what kind of iPhone user you are, you can be sure there is something here you can use.

1. Locate anything. 

App Used: Localscope

2. Set a timer.

App Used: Timer:

3. Post a transaction to your account.

App Used: PocketMoney

4. Check the hourly forecast.

App Used: Weather 2x

5. Don't forget the milk. 

App Used: Due

6. Get geeky with Omnifocus.

App Used: Omnifocus (of course)

7. Get your Google Voice on. 

App Used: GV Mobile+

8. Send scheduled tweets.


App Used: Tweetbot

The possibilites are endless. These are just a few of the shortcuts I use in Launch Center Pro. The beauty is that it is totally customizable. Make it your own .Tailor it. Tweak it. Use it. 

You will be glad you did.