Evernote Power Users Rejoice: AutoEver Has Arrived

I discovered an application recently that will erase several minutes from my daily computing workflow. Let me start off by saying that I am a huge Evernote user. I use Evernote as the ultimate virtual filing cabinet. With over 70,000 notes currently residing in my premium account, I can tell you that countless hours have been spent meticulously renaming, sorting and tagging files of all kinds so that I can quickly retrieve them as needed. Well now, that workload has been dramatically reduced for me thanks to this app that I found in the App Store.

Enter AutoEver.

Anyone who puts up a pretty good fight against the onslaught of incoming email everyday can attest to the fact that a major weapon in facing that fight lies in the power of rules, filters and labels. Now let’s get back to the subject of this post. AutoEver harnesses all the power of rules, filters and labels and adapts that philosophy to your Evernote account. With AutoEver, organization of notes can bcome automatic. Simply set up a “Preset” as they are called in AutoSave, and choose from the following options.

- Preset Name: This is where you select a name for your Preset.

- Source Notebook: This is the notebook you want to scan for notebooks. While you can make any one of your notebooks in Evernote the Source Notebook, the most sensible choice would be the default where your unassigned notes reside. In my case, that is the the notebook labled “Inbox”.

- Destination Notebook: This is where you want to set the destination of your note.

- Appended Tags: This is where you input how you would like your note to be labeled.

And finally,

- Condition Type: This is where you define the search criteria of your notes. By setting up the conditions, AutoEver uses the information you provide to search for the notes that match the conditions set and then applies the rules using the information provided in the other options of the determined “Preset”.

So now that you have a Preset all set up, allow AutoEver to work it’s magic. Simply tap on the Preset that you have created and AutoEver does the rest. It searches your Evernote database and then brings up a dialog with the notes scanned along with the number of results for the notes that match that criteria. Simply choose to apply the preset after the matched notes have been found and like magic, your unprocessed notes in your default notebook are labeled and sorted into their proper places all with the tap of a button.

So is this somthing you would find useful? I know it has become an essential utility in managing the large number of notes in my Evernote acount. I have been looking for something like this for a long time and it has finally arrived. I should mention that the developer is also extremely active and receptive to feedback and input. There is a direct link to email support should you decide to contact the the dev team. I’m sure updates are in the works that will make this app even greater than it already is so stay tuned….