Become a Power Reeder

Are you truly getting the most out of your news reading experience on your iPhone or iPad? Probably not. I would like to share with you some tips on making the most of your news reading experience. By simply downloading an application and setting up a few services, using my methods you can become a truly productive and powerful news reader. 

First, there are some things you need to get set up. Before your proceed, you need to have a Google account setup to with at least a handful of your favorite news feeds set up in Google Reader and your are ready to go. 

Ready to proceed? 


1. Install Reeder. In my opinion, and based off my years of experience using this application, this news aggregator is the cream of the crop in getting you the most news in the shortest time possible on your iPhone or iPad. It is steamlined, easy to manage and syncs harmoniously with Google Reader. But most importantly, if offers numerous sharing services to get the news you want where you want it. 

2. Second, set up your Evernote account. If you aren't using Evernote, then start using it. This is a perfect holding place for all the information of your life. Evernote was made to get information out of your head and into a place that is easily accessible, organized and referenced for your future needs. 

3. Third, set up a Pocket account. This is where all the news goes that you are truly interested in amongst all the trash news you may have in your feeds. It provides a clean and easy on the eyes expereince for you to enjoy the news that matters most. 

4. Fourth, and this is if you are really serious about your news reading is to set up a task manager for receiving news. Personally, I use Omnifocus. It is pricey, but it is worth the cash if you are really into serious productivity. There may be other options out there but the key ingredient is having a customized email address that you can send news articles to that will be imported as todos into your task manager of choice. 

5. Fifth, and if you are reading this, you more than likely came across the link in Twitter, guessed it! You need a Twitter account. Twitter makes it easiest to share your favorite news stories with your friends and followers.

6. And finally, there is a web service that is new and quite impressive in it's feature set. Check out ifttt and dive in. ifttt is a web service that peforms actions from one web service based on the actions of another web service or a specific time, date or event. 

(Below is a screenshot listing all the direct links to services you can share your news with using Reeder.)

When you have everything setup above, you are truly ready to set up your Reeder experience. And this my friends, is where the magic happens. Open Reeder and setup all the accounts you created. You will have an opportunity to login directily to your Pocket (Read It Later) account, Evernote account and of course your Twitter account. You will notice there are several other options for services but none I found extremely uselful. However, everyone's needs are different and you may find one of these 3rd parties helpul in managing the bulk of your news headlines. Now in the options menu, you will notice an option to share a news story with one of these services using a simple right to left swipe gesture. Pick the service you think will be the most used. For me, that is Pocket. Every time I come across a news story I want to come back to, I simply swipe to the left and I know that the story will be waiting on me when I'm ready for it. If you want to share a story, it's simple. Just hit the share icon and share to one of the many optional services including Facebook as well as the email options which will allow you take advantage of that task managing option. I use the task managing email for reminding myself to check out a site, download some software or a reminder to add a product to a wishlist. The final and most useful tool at your disposal is to "star" a news item. A world of options awaits your very command when you tie a starred item to a rule using ifttt. Personally, I use the star function to simply send the most important news whether that be tips, tricks or hacks that I want to use for later reference directly into Evernote. There are a couple dozen other services that can all be linked to starred items in Google Reader. So explore and see what works best for your needs. 

So, do you think these tips could help you master the craft of news reading? Good. Comment below if you have any additional tips that you find helpful and thanks for reading.