Apple Reigns Supreme (Random Thoughts)

It's insane. The trail of successes that Apple has had since the iPod was introduced over a decade ago shows no signs of slowing down. Every quarter seems to be a record breaking quarter. Just about every product launch is a raging success. Apple is a tech company that is truly in a league of it's own. It's no wonder that Apple is loved by so many and hated by so many others. What will it take for this empire to fall? The loss of it's most famous creator? Nope. With stock value at an all time high and a recent earnings report that shows the company to be so ridiculously profitable that it makes every other company in the World look like a complete and abysmal failure, the rise to global domination looks certain. I thinks it's safe to say Jobs left his company in good hands. 

So what happens next? Should Apple spend their near 1 trillion dollars in cash on solving the world's problems? You know, the usual suspects like World hunger or a cure for AIDS or cancer? Or maybe Apple could build a dome over the earth to protect us from meteorites? 

The truth is Apple can do whatever it wants. I for one hope that their plans are just to keep making amazing products. 

Thank you Apple. 

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