App Review: Worldictionary - No Need to Be Lost in Translation

Hot off the heels of my WorldCard Mobile review, the team at Penpower Technology Ltd. has released another application. Worldictionary for iPhone is far more than what's in the name. Worldictionary is your personal translation machine. 

When first opening the application, you are looking through your camera lense. Simply point the camera at whatever words it is you want to see translated in real time. As it focuses on the words in the view finder, a history list of the associated words along with the desired translation appear in the bottom right of the screen. To the left of the this, you will see 3 buttons. The first allows you to select your camera to snap a photo or select a photo from one of your photo albums or camera roll. Taking a photo or using an existing photo gives you "sentence options" where you can select a snippet of text by either cropping or highlighting words you want to see translated. The second button is a recorded history of your translations and the 3rd button gives you accesss to all your bookmarked translations. If you are looking for a quick translation for a particular word, there is also an option a the top left of the screen to simply input a word and get the desired translation. And Penpower Technogies doesn't want you left in the dark, so they were sure to include LED flash options built in to the camera viewer which you will find at the top right of the main screen. Finally, in the Settings menu, you will find even more options for you to explore. 

On top of real time translation, another feature demonstrating the power of this application is the translation options. At the bottom of the main screen, you will see all the translations options available to you. The online dictionary gives you language support ranging from Chinese to Swedish and the app can translate into a much bigger span of languages ranging from Afrikaans to Yiddish. Surely, there is something for everyone here. There is also an offline dictionary, but that is currently limited to an English to Chinese translation. 

If all this wasn't enough, with every translation, there are also available links to Wikipedia and YouTube associated with the selected word or phrase. You can also send your translations to a friend or colleague via SMS or email.

The app is not without it's quirks. Sentence support was not as accurate as I had hoped. As many of my searches left me annoyed with unhelpful results. The interface, much like WorldCard Mobile could benefit from some assistance in the desgign department. I would not recommend this app as a replacement to your dictionary of choice but would more direct this application to the vacationing tourist or global traveler in need of a translating companion. Students who spend time studying different languages could also benefit greatly from having an app of this kind at their disposal. 

The true power of this app is in the real time translation. There are other options in the App Store, but I have yet to come across any with the range of language support and options as Worldictionary. Download today in the App Store for only $3.99.