App Review: WorldCard Mobile - A Business Card Scanner With a Killer Feature Set

App Review: WorldCard Mobile

Developer: Penpower Technology Ltd.

App Store Link: 

Price in App Store: $6.99

App Review written by Clay Russell (The iPhonaddict) of the iOSDocked podcast

With the iPhone 4S capable of taking extremely good macro shots, there has been some quality apps released in the App Store that take advantage of that extraordinary camera. That brings me to the app I'm reviewing today. 

WorldCard Mobile by by Penpower Technology is a powerhouse of a business card scanner/contact builder application for the iPhone 4S. 

When first opening the application, you will notice that the user interface seems to be a stranger to the standard interface guidelines Apple would prefer to see implemented. It is actually more reminiscent of an Android or even Windows Mobile application. But don't let the aesthetics alone turn you away. Because of the handful of business card scanning apps I have used, this is is the fastest, most accurate and most feature rich of them all. The opening screenshot gives you 5 buttons (or options) along with a secondary menu featuring a "settings", "options" and "about" toolbar. The 5 buttons are for the following:

1) Camera: The camera icon gives you the option to take a standard photo scan of a business card which immediately OCRs (optimal character recognition) the data and loads the information from the card and displays it in contact view or you. There are additional options for stabilization as well as repeat mode allowing you to import business cards in succession one rights after the next. This could really come in handy after a business convention or business meeting of some kind. 

2) Card Holder: The second gives you access to the virtual card holder with options to group your cards into categories as well as backup your data to iCloud or Dropbox. (Having these two options is a win and a must for a true information management application such as this one.) Within our assigned grouped business card holders, there is also a quick alphabet bar for quickly finding the contact you are looking for. 

3) Photos: The third button will take data from an existing photo and build a contact for you following a scan of the text in the photo. 

4) Signature: The fourth button and probably my favorite is the signature feature. Simply copy the email signature from anyone of your emails and then select this option. It will take the data from that signature and build a contact for you with the information contained within the signature. 

5) QR Code Reader: The fifth and final option is for scanning (Quick Response) codes or QR Codes for short. This is added functionality really just rounds out the fullnes of this application and it's feature set. 

What i-Like: feauture rich, Dropbox and iCloud backup support, quick, accurate

What i-Don't Like: The design lacks the polish in design compared to other apps in this genre. The price is a little steep compared to others.

Summary: While I don't necessarily like the design of the application, it should not deter your from taking a serious look at WorldCard Mobile if you are looking for a portable business card scanner for managing new clients, partners and other business relationships. This is a well groomed networking tool that comes recommended by the Wall Street Journal and is highly rated in the App Store and for good reason. As previously stated, it's a powerhouse of an app. It comes at a $6.99 price point for the full version but there is a fully functioning light version that will allow you to import 3 business cards for trial run purposes. So you have no excuse for not giving it a try. 

Is this something you have been looking for? Look no further than WorldCard Mobile by Penpower Technology Ltd.