iOS App of the Moment: Epic WIN!!!

Epic Win! for iPhone is a an app that is a combination task/goal manager and role playing adventure game.

You start by building your profile where you choose your name and avatar. Depending on how you categorize your tasks, your strength, stamina, intellect, social and spirit, attributes levels increase. When you increase those attributes enough, you up your profile level. I am happy to say that currently, I am on level 6: Employee of the Month.

Second you define your tasks (or goals in my case) and set their repeat sequence if they have one. As you mark a task complete, you will here the battle music followed by shattered glass indicating you conquered that task. You can also set the point worth for each task ranging from 50 up to 300 points depending on how important those tasks are to you. Think of the point scale as a priority level.

As you rack up the points, you pick up loot which gives you the option to announce to your social network of choice how awesome you are at doing your chores.

This makes getting things done fun! It actually makes you work harder at marking those to-dos off your list, just so you can level up, collect your loot and brag via Twitter.

Who doesn't need a little motivation every now and then to get up off your butt and do something. I know I do. This app helps.

Get Epic Win! in the App Store for $2.99.

It's useful, beautiful, affordable and fun.