Airplay and the iOS Computer

Gabe writing at Macdrifter

I honestly think AirPlay is a sleeper technology that Apple is slowly evolving to make a wireless iOS dock. AirPlay continually gets better and now Mountain Lion is scheduled to incorporate more AirPlay features. I think it’s only a matter of time before the AppleTV gets a new name and just becomes AirPlay Dock.

I couldn't agree more Gabe. I like to think of a future where any monitor connected to the Apple TV AirPlay Dock can act as a full fledged monitor for an iPad or even an iPhone. I think one problem Apple has to solve is input to this iOS computer. I tweeted on February 20th

I think Gabe and myself have it right. Apple should support a simple white circle on the AirPlay mirrored screen to represent where your finger is just like they have used in keynote presentations in the past. I also think that if Apple implements this they could support the Magic Trackpad as an input device to the iPad truly opening up the possibilities of using your iPad as your only computer.