TEKSide's Initial Impressions of iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Pro

The summer is over and fall is beginning, that can only mean one thing…

New iPhones!!!

Yes, new iPhones are here and in our hands. A few of the TEKSide team members have new devices and we are going to give you our first impressions of the new devices.


I am coming from an iPhone XR. I liked that phone over the XS for the screen size and battery, Yes the XS took better images (most of the time) but I really missed having almost all day battery life and the screen real-estate for video playback. When Apple announced a 5 hour increase in battery life for the iPhone 11 Pro, I knew that was the one i was buying. Preordering my device from Apple went off with out a hitch and by mid-morning on Friday I had a Midnight Green iPhone 11 Pro in my hands. Unfortunately the set up wasn’t easy since I was running iOS 13.1 beta on my iPhone XR. I had to set up the 11 Pro as new, download and install the beta, reset the phone and then set up the device again. It took me about 2 -3 hours before I could start using this bad boy. Once the 11 was up and running I immediately began testing the camera out. You can see my comparison photos here (INSERT LINK TO ARTICLE). This phone is a complete monster. The camera is amazing, the battery is beyond what normal people will need and the screen is just… wow.

There is still a lot to test out on the device, how long battery actually lasts, videos, cellular connectivity and possibly new wireless devices, but this phone is definitely a winner. People asked me if they should upgrade and my quick answer is, if you can afford the cost than do it. My detailed response is this, answer these questions and make the choice that suits you best:

  • Do you have an older device that doesn’t support iOS 13?

  • Do you want the latest and greatest?

  • Are battery and photo quality important to you?

If you said yes to any of those than you should consider upgrading. If you have no need for anything I mentioned above than skip the upgrade. Besides, 2020 iPhone is rumored to be a really big update (check out the iOSDocked Podcast for more details).

These are my feelings and opinions, I encourage you to read, learn and try out the new devices and make your own informed decision.


My original plan wasn’t to upgrade. After watching the keynote and seeing what Apple did with the next iteration of the iPhone Xr, my interests quickly changed.

I also had a thing for the color Red. I’ve dreamt for many years about Apple creating a Product Red iPhone. Well, in 2018, Apple made that happen. So, in the back of my mind, I’ve lusted for that color to be my next phone. After much consideration, I decided 2019 was going to be my year. Let me tell you, I have not thought twice about my decision.

So far, I really don’t have any complaints. I love the speed, camera, and even the size of the iPhone 11. In the couple days that I have had it, I appreciate the extra screen real estate. Battery life seems to be something that I won’t have to worry about, EVER. The camera is something out of this world. With just the few pictures I’ve taken, I can see Apple has spent a lot of time making sure this camera is the best on the market.

Overall, if you’re wanting to upgrade your iPhone for whatever reason, just do it. You won’t be disappointed, trust me.


My initial impression of the Space Grey iPhone 11 Pro Max was, “What was all that complaining about regarding the tile-shaped camera module on the back?” It looks sleek. It looks powerful. It looks Apple. This version of the Space Grey is the best I can remember. It’s a shame I have to put a case on it, but those stainless steel sides being exposed like they are does not offer me much comfort. Would I like to go caseless? Yes. It doesn’t just look nice. It feels nice.

So I miss 3D Touch. Haptic touch feels fake, manufactured. It is actually. There is no pretending here. While I appreciate the contextual (right click simulation) menus, it’s just not the same. But if the trade off for removing whatever layer was there to support 3D Touch was getting more battery in return? It’s a trade off worth taking. 5 hours of extra battery life compared to the previous iPhone is an accomplishment worth celebrating.

iOS 13 is a huge update. It’s also one of the buggiest. The iPhone is more customizable then ever before but that comes at a cost of inconsistent behavior. I am hopeful we see a series of small incremental updates over the next year that remedies this buggy behavior. Apple put the polish on their hardware, however that polish did not transfer over to the software.

The camera is the reason to upgrade to the iPhone 11 Pro experience. I will let a few of the photos I took on a recent drive-thru safari tell the story.

All in all, the combination of the improved camera, battery life & design of the phone justifies the cost of upgrade. You won’t regret the decision but your lighter wallet may remind you of what you gave up to get there.