iPhone Camera Shootout

Whats up everyone, it has been way too long since I have posted anything and I am sorry about that. Life happens and priorities change but I am trying to get back into it. With the release of new iPhones I figured now was the perfect time to post something. I’m not going to go into all the nitty gritty specs of the iPhone 11 Pro, I am just going to show you. Let’s dive in!

The first batch of photos compares low light iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone XR. I did not have a XS available to me so the majority of the comparison photos are between iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone XR. There are some images with iPhone XS and I will indicate those as they come up. iPhone XR is on the left and iPhone 11 Pro is on the right.

You can really see how the improvements to the iPhone 11 Pro’s camera system impact the quality of the image. The train station photo was taken around 830pm in New Jersey so its pretty dark outside. The last set of photos is of yours truly in an almost totally dark room.

Let’s move onto the portrait camera.

In the first set of images, you can see a blueish tint on the XR image. The background also isn’t blurred very well compared to the background of the 11 Pro. Same with the middle set of images. You will also notice the subject in the photo appears closer. This is due to the new camera system. The third group is the “Selfie” cam. You will also notice the closeness of the subject in these images.

This next group of images were taken in a supermarket with very good lighting. The biggest difference in these images is with the details of the image. The 11 Pro captures a wider field than the XR

Random Images shot with the 11 Pro

Now to get into some iPhone XS, iPhone XR and iPhone 11 Pro images. They are assorted from throughout the day and will be ordered XR, XS and 11 Pro.


I was really just scratching the surface with the camera ability of the iPhone 11 Pro. I wanted to test the portrait camera on animals, video recording, slofie videos but I didn’t get a chance to. I also wanted to do more in-depth comparison with the iPhone XS and the iPhone 11 Pro but i did not have a XS readily available to me. The camera on the iPhone 11 Pro is a huge improvement in many areas, low light situations are by far the biggest. All of these images are straight from iPhone to the website, no editing was done. The amount of detail that is now captured is amazing. The hardware/software combination of iPhone 11 Pro and iOS 13 are top notch. I am not a photo buff but the difference is very clear as you can see above. I hope you all enjoy this post, please send me any comments, feedback or your own comparison photos. I would love to see them. You can contact me on twitter at @dmtammaro and send your photos to The Snapzone . I want to thank Clay for hosting this lovely site to allow us to express our thoughts and a huge thanks to my subject for allowing me to take and post photos of her and her son.