10 Ways to Use the Best Journaling App on iOS

I have been using Day One consistently for all my journaling needs for the last few years. Over the course of this time, I have found new and useful ways to make the most of the experience. Journaling is important to me for many reasons: 

    * Reflecting on my day
    * Capturing memories, thoughts, & words I don’t want to forget
    * Revisiting the past
    * Learning from mistakes
    * Sharing moments with others

I see plenty of comments from others in the social network spaces where people struggle with where to begin journaling. Or maybe they just don’t know what they would use a journal for. This post is targeted at those that know they want to journal, see the value in it and just need some help getting the creative juices flowing. Here are some ideas on how to get started on your journaling journey today. 

 10 Ways to Use Day One



1. Personal Journal - Use a personal journal for recapping your day, what you did, what you learned and what emotions you felt. 


2. Inspiration - Capture images and words that shape who it is you want to be.


3. Mood - What is your mood? Usually, one word or a simple emoji gets the job done. Start here with this simple workflow (shortcut).

4. Reference - This is where you can save notes or highlights from books you have read, or maybe some interesting news stories.


5. Social - Built into Day One is an Activity Feed that ties into your Twitter and Instagram feeds so that you can copy any of your favorite posts to a journal. I use this for tracking what TV shows or movies I am also watching. 


6. Spiritual - This is a great place to store your favorite Bible verses or a place to record notes taken in your studies.


7. Quotes - Whether they come from celebrities,  scholars or my 6-year-old daughter, quotes that move me or amuse me reside here. 


8. Work - I use this journal, to sum up, my work day. I record an itinerary as well as record a summary of critical events that took place. 

9. Moments - Think about this journal as a personal blog for yourself. 


10. Dreams - Write them down while they are still fresh. Revisiting them later often reveals things you weren’t aware of at the time you dreamed them. 

Hopefully, these tips help. I have found journaling to be a staple in my quest to grow in all facets of life.