Quick iPhone X & iPhone XS Camera Comparison

As everyone knows, Apple has released new iPhones for 2018. The biggest difference in the iPhone XS and iPhone X is the improved camera. I am not going to get into all the nitty gritty details, I just want to show you the difference in photo quality. iPhone X pictures will be on the left and iPhone XS will be on the right. These are normal photos taken by the average iPhone user, not a pro by any means. These everyday shots are more along what the average user will see. All images are unedited, taken from my phone and placed here for your pleasure.

Above, no flash. Below with flash

Above with flash, below no flash

The above image are screenshots of the iPhone X and iPhone XS in portrait mode. Notice how the iPhone X has the background in a black & white setting while on the iPhone XS its completely blacked out.

You can see is most of the photos the iPhone XS catches more detail and I think it has better color accuracy in some of the shots. Let me know what you think and please share some of your comparison photos.