Taking Care of Business with These 4 Launch Center Pro Actions

Screenshot 2018-08-15 07.38.26.png

Launch Center Pro continues to be an essential piece to my productive workday. In this quick post, I share 4 actions that have assisted me in becoming a better leader, a leader that communicates, engages, focuses and follows up to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Due to the fact, that these actions are very customized with phone numbers, calendars & location sets that pertain to my job, I will not be sharing the direct links to them. The idea here is to share examples on how I use Launch Center Pro for business purposes in hopes it produces a set of ideas for the reader. Launch Center Pro, utilized correctly, can become an invaluable tool in ensuring a productive workday. I find I use these tools so frequently, that they are included in my Launch Center Pro Widget for easy access. Launch Center Pro does many things using the native iOS apps and services. However, in some cases, other apps are needed to complete the job. I have noted these apps. 

1. Connect Later - this action copies text and enters it as the subject of conversation after pulling contact information like phone numbers and emails. The result? A time-based reminder that reads something like this: 

[Example: Contact Jim Bob (999-876-5309) / jim.bob@me.com regarding new product lineup 10 am Tuesday.] 

Other tools needed: Workflow, Due

2. New Meeting or Interview - this action builds a calendar event that sets up a meeting or interview including the attendee names, location, date and time of the meeting. 

Other tools needed: Fantastical

3. Do Not Disturb - this action sends a group message to my inner leadership circles letting them know that I will be tied up in meetings over the next couple of hours and that I will respond to any missed calls and messages afterward. 

[Example: "I will be in a meeting for the next 2 hours, I will respond to missed calls and messages afterward. Thank you."]

4. Blast Message - this action sends a news bulletin style message to all critical team members in seconds, group by group, team by team. 

Other tools needed: Interact (no longer in app store... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

Could you find these useful? I hope so. Comment below if you need assistance and I will try to help out.