Thoughts On My New iPad Pro - A Review by Justin Klein

The 10.5 iPad Pro has been a remarkable device, so far. In all honesty, I haven’t looked back once. I appreciate the eas of use this device brings to my life. I think of this device as a one-stop-shop for my computing needs.

One of the coolest accessories available for this device is the Apple Pencil. I am constantly finding new ways that I can use the Pencil on my iPad. I have also found that I enjoy using my iPad with an external keyboard and a TwelveSouth Compass Stand. It makes me feel like I am sitting at a Mac.

I had contemplated purchasing one of the new 27" iMacs, but chose not to because I didn’t want to feel like I had to sit at my desk every time I wanted to use it. That’s what makes the iPad Pro so great. I can quickly pick it up, go wherever I want to go and continue where I left off. 

I have even started podcasting on my iPad. With the purchase of a Lightning to USB dongle, I was quickly on my way to be able to hook up my Blue Yeti microphone for podcasting. With the Split View feature, I can have Google Docs and Safari going at the same time so I am able to look at our show notes and research topics while recording a podcast.

Apple is taking a very aggressive approach with iOS 11. Because of that, I feel the iPad will become the sole device for many Apple users. As I stated in the beginning, I have no plans of going back to the Mac and I’m extremely excited to see what the future holds for the iPad.