iPhonaddict PRO-ductivity Tip: The "Daily" Folder

I have a ton of apps on my device. My home screen layout is pretty simple. My primary home screen is made up of 24 of my most used apps. These are apps that I use frequently throughout the day. Then there is the 2nd page with a dozen folders each filled with apps of a similar kind. 

One of these folders on my 2nd page is called “Daily”. Every page within this folder is filled with a categorized type of app. It is my routine to go through each of these apps within the folder as part of my morning workflow. 

My Pages within the “Daily” Folder:
1. Favorite Utilities
2. Health Monitoring
3. Correspondence
4. Social Networks
5. Web Resources
6. Finances
7. Personal Growth

By quickly moving in and out of these apps, I am able to cover a lot of ground every morning in under an hour. I allow myself to get up to speed on what is going on in my personal, network and work circles. I fly through a couple of social network timelines and “like” a few posts along the way. I catch up on the day’s major news stories, check for daily discounts, look at my account balances and so much more. 

Once I’m through with the Daily Folder, I very rarely need to go back into that folder again in the same day. I have used this Workflow for years and it is one of my secret but powerful productivity tips. 

Thinking about setting up your own “Daily” folder? I would love to hear about it.