A Closer Look at the Caudabe iPhone X Cases

Caudabe has their full line of iPhone X cases available for purchase. Today we do a breakdown of each case and how they stack up against one another. Each case will be graded on these specific categories:

- Design

- Protection

- Grip


Let’s start with my personal favorite.

The Veil XT

The Veil XT is quite possibly the smallest case you could put on your iPhone X. It fits the iPhone like a glove. If you like the way your iPhone X feels in all it’s naked glory, this could quite possibly be the case for you. While the screen is left exposed and this case will not be much help if dropped on a hard surface, the back side and stainless steel bezels are protected from cosmetic damage. I like the fingerprint free texture of this case but the added grip is negligent. If you are looking for additional grip, look elsewhere. In summarizing, this case is for those who are in love with the size and feel of their phone but are not comfortable leaving a near all glass iPhone so vulnerable.

- Design: 10

- Protection: 3

- Grip: 5


Like the fit and style of the Veil XT but would be willing to add just a little bulk for a little more protection? I give you...

The Sheath

This is my 2nd favorite in this class. The exterior design choices are interesting with two different textures. The majority of the case has a very grippy and textured feel. Around the camera lens is a smoother carbon fiber-ish looking finish that may allow for better wireless charging. The case is a tad thicker than the Veil XT but you get the added benefit of front side protection as a slight lip protrudes from the case allowing you to set your phone upside down with the front display left untouched.

- Design: 7

- Protection: 5

- Grip: 10


Need more drop protection? Check out....

The Synthesis

Not my favorite design by any means, but if my number one concern was dropping this beautiful new iPhone, it’s Synthesis all the way! It adds a small amount of bulk over the Sheath, but a lot more protection for that cost. For a case made to absorb the shock of a casual drop, the exterior texture provides little grip with it’s smooth somewhat translucent finish.

- Design: 5

- Protection: 8

- Grip: 3


Finally, there is the....

Lucid Clear

A “clear” alternative to the previous 3 cases above, this case is made for those who want to see their beloved iPhone in all it’s glory. Like most clear plastic cases, there is a tackiness to the material that gives you confidence in the grip. It’s minimal in design but also in character. I fear dust will be able to work it’s way between the hard shell of the case and the premium materials of the phone opening up the possibility of some cosmetic abrasions. Just about every iPhone case maker sports a clear shell option, so why not Caudabe?

- Design: 5

- Protection: 7

- Grip: 5


With 4 distinct options, you are sure to find a case that meets your needs in taste and protection. There are a variety of color options available and all these cases are competitively priced ranging from $20-30. Many of these same designs are available to iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus owners as well. The TEKSide Network has partnered with Caudabe on multiple occasions and many TEKSide family members have chosen Caudabe to protect their devices. Be sure to subscribe to the TEKSide lineup of podcast and blogs for any future Caudabe case giveaways so that you can be a winner like @AttaQ1. Find more information about @TEKSide here and be sure to visit our friends at @Caudabe on their homepage as well.

Thank you for reading.