Why I Still Wear My Apple Watch

There have been a lot of articles lately about people giving up their Apple Watch and how it's not useful for them any more. I wanted to throw my 2 cents into the ring.

First off, no, I am not giving up on my Apple Watch. I absolutely love this little computer on my wrist. I wear this baby just about all day (literally) and every day. I do not leave home with out it, I wear it while I'm sleeping, walking the dogs, mowing the lawn, running. You name an activity and I'm probably wearing my Apple Watch. Let me break my uses down into a few categories.

Communication The Apple Watch has may ways to communicate; messaging, emails, phone calls and Digital Touch.

Emails - I do not have emails come to my watch. I get too many emails from work and I don't want to be bothered by it. As for the person emailing me, if it's urgent they will call me and they know that.

Digital Touch - I was all on board when this came out. Sending quick drawings, your heart beat was fun, at first. The novelty wore off very quick. I can't even remember that last time I sent a meaningful digital touch to someone. I do use it occasionally, just to show others what it's about. People do the same to me, knowing I will respond for the demo purpose.

Messages - I use this one every single day to read my text messages. I even reply with the canned responses or the emojis that are built in. I sometimes dictate a response when needed or send the audio clip.

Phone - I always glance down at my wrist to see who it is before reaching for my phone. Very rarely do I hold conversations on the watch. I normally answer the call and say give me a minute to get my phone. I'm not saying a conversation on your wrist can't be done, but long conversations are awkward. I admit, I do love the Dick Tracy look of talking into my wrist.


Apps This one will be quick. Apps on the watch still need a lot of work. Not just 3rd party apps but even Apples own apps are not optimized. They are slow to load, quit a lot and overall frustrating. Third party apps are even worse. They take longer than BUILT IN apps to load and don't always communicate with your iPhone the way the are supposed to.


Fitness This is where my watch comes into play. I am not a fit/ripped/athletic guy but I do like to keep track of my fitness activity. Apple Watch does that for me, every single day. It reminds me to get up and move every hour. It's updates me with progress throughout the day so I always know where I am. I have a game with myself trying to complete the rings on the watch everyday. I normally have the activity and stand rings full when I get home, leaving move the onlyring left to complete.
I use the built in activity app to track my exercise as third party apps don't always work (Please fix this Apple). I always force myself to hit all three goals daily. As of this writing I am 4 stand hours away from competing my 164th consecutive day of completing all goals. I have been close to missing it a few times, and that's a bad feeling. I have worked super hard at hitting this goal. I missed it one day by 30 calories in December. I would have been closer to 175 days had I not missed that one day. So bummed about it and I have vowed to not miss it again.


I have been using the watch more lately for some other things. Controlling music, checking baseball scores, quickly checking weather. Small things that are not complex. That's why I still wear my watch everyday. That's not going to change, nor do I intend on breaking my streak.