iOS 10 Wishlist

Clay beat me to the punch this year on a wish list for iOS 10 which is going to be unveiled in just a few weeks. So instead of creating my own list, I am going to respond to Clay's and add a few of my own.

Dynamic Icons

Clay: "For instance, the Tweetbot birdie could wink at me when I have a new mention"

Dan: This would be a "fun" addition to iOS but I think it would add to battery drain and I don't think many people would even notice. I'll take a pass on this one.

Clipboard Manager

Clay: "I have a 3rd Party app that does an adequate job of this now but it's not baked in to the operating system. Anything I copy whether it be text, photos, bookmarks or anything else copied should be saved in one place. It should all be automatic and there should be a native app that resides on your device"

Dan: I agree with Clay on this one. Relying on 3rd party apps can be an annoyance sometimes and having this baked into iOS would be great for power users.

Snooze & Pin Notifications in Notification Center

Clay: "I want to be able to snooze a notification to come back to Notification Center at a time I designate. I also would like to pin a notification (as a high priority item) to the top of Notification Center above all others where it would reside until I acted upon it."

Dan: I am on board with pinning notifications as they can get buried when you have a ton of them. As for snoozing, I am on the fence. Unless you have ODC with the Notification Center and you want it clutter free, then there is no reason for snoozing. The purpose of notifications and Notification Center is to be ther reminder for the app. Pass

Snooze for Email

Clay: "Please Apple, don't make me ask Siri to remind me about a mail message. I won't do it. I will continue using Spark, Outlook or AirMail until this gets addressed."

Dan: I agree with Clay on this however I don't use snooze in email. While this doesn't affect me personally, I understand how it would benefit many others. Pass

Smart Folders & Rules in Email

Clay: "Smart Folder functionality exists on the Mac in Mail and within 3rd Party email clients yet not in the iOS Mail app. Rules can be set up on the Mac and even via but on your device in iOS? What gives?! (ツ)/¯"

Dan: Who uses Mail on Mac? LOL Seriously though, this would be beneficial for some people. Apple would need to make sure users are still notified of the new message. Pass

Share Sheet for Email

Clay: "I do things with my email. I convert them to PDFs, I convert them to tasks. I save them as notes. I send them to pre-determined groups. Apple, listen. You built the functionality that is the share sheet. I'm just asking you to make use of it within your own email app."

Dan: I am not really sure where Clay went with this, I see the option in, even though I don't use it. Pass.

Contact Group Management

Clay: "It's been on the Mac for years. Why can't I manage contact groups on iOS? It makes no sense."

Dan: Yes. This is so annoying.

Preview App for iOS

Clay: "I want a full blown native PDF manager on iOS. I want page rotation, deletion, merging, markup, and document signing."

Dan: Again I see the benefit for power users. There are lots of great 3rd party apps for this and iBooks does allow you to do some of this. This is a pass for me.

Hide Native Apps

Clay: "This one is rumored to be true. I remember in early builds of iOS how you could display or hide the Nike Run app."

Dan: Yes, yes and yes!!! I am tired of shoving pre-installed apps into a folder all the way on the last page. I would even welcome deleting them, but that could cause issues with how the OS runs.

Set Default Apps

Clay: "There are some apps that are native that I feel offer the best experience for me. Then there are others where Apple has been far surpassed. Email...Podcasts...calendar...browser:

Dan: Agreed 100% again. I personally use Overcast, Fantastical and Outlook over the stock apps. The ability tap on a link in Twitter and open the podcast in Overcast would be nice.

Customizable Control Center

Clay: "Just include more options and let us decide what we would find the most useful here...Apple could put some icing on this cake by making Control Center 3D Touchable for an even deeper layer of access."

Dan: Agreed again. I asked for this for iOS 9 but clearly did not get it.

Lock Screen Pinboard

Clay: "Here is my thought. I would love to be able to pin a music playlist, a book I'm reading, a note or sketch I may need to reference throughout the day or maybe a photo of my wife and daughter to my lock screen. It's a waste of critical space in my opinion."

Dan: I think Clay is on his own for this.

Here are a few of my own:

Better Health Data Retrieval

Currently, the only way to transfer health data to a new device is by using iTunes and encrypting your back up. It is a very bad way to do so. What happens if you are at a familiar location and you don't have your laptop and your phone dies. Yes you may have an iCloud back up but that won't restore your health data. For someone like me that uses the Apple Watch to fitness tracking, this stinks big time. I really, really, really want this to happen.

Better 3rd Party Keyboard Experience

3rd party keyboards were a welcomed experience. There are some good ones out there and I really enjoy using them. A few things need major improvements; iOS keyboard shortcuts, dictation and stability. A lot of the 3rd party apps can't/don't access the iOS shortcut list and it's super annoying. Why bother having the shortcuts if you can't use them. None of the 3rd party keyboards have access to voice dictation, again super annoying. And the biggest one, stability. There are so many times iOS defaults you back to the stock KB app even though you had a different one selected. I want this fixed more than the other two issues.

Audio Recording

I would love to be able to record a podcast on Skype from my iOS device. That's currently not possible but could be coming soon.

Digital Touch on iPhone

This is a watch only feature, but how cool/fun would it be to send doodles throughout the day on a larger screen? OK, this isn't really a want thing, just something that would be fun.

That's all I have for iOS 10. What would you all like to see? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter. Only a few weeks to find out what Apple has in store for us!!!