12 Things I Want in iOS 10


I know, I know, WWDC is still months away. But I thought this was as good as time as any to write a post on what I would like to see in the next full version release of our favorite mobile platform. So in no particular order, here is my list along with the probability that it could actually happen in iOS 10.0.

Dynamic Icons

  • The red badge makes sense. I use it for some critical apps on my 1st page home screen where an actual numbered badge works for me: (Examples: Phone, Messages, Spark Email, 2Do) But another cool way to grab my attention would be to make icons dynamic. You could do this in a number of cool ways where not only would it get my attention but could also provide me with a little information or preview of what is waiting for me once I open the app. For instance, the Tweetbot birdie could wink at me when I have a new mention, Carrot Weather could display the current temp and a condition icon, 3rd party calendar apps could display the relative date, Photos could display the last photo someone shared with me. You get the idea. But if you don't, here is another way you could put it. Turn icons into Complications similar to how Complications work on a watch face on your Apple Watch. It's an idea.
  • Probability Ranking: 3 of 10

Clipboard Manager

  • I have a 3rd Party app that does an adequate job of this now but it's not baked in to the operating system. Unless the app is running in the background, you have to remember what you want copied and saved. It's not practical. Apple can make this happen. Anything I copy whether it be text, photos, bookmarks or anything else copied should be saved in one place. It should all be automatic and there should be a native app that resides on your device where the user can have easy access and share options to act upon the contents of that clipboard.
  • Probability Ranking: 5 of 10

Snooze & Pin Notifications in Notification Center

  • I use Notification Center kind of like I would a task manager. It's a list of things I need to tend to on my device. While I appreciate the recent changes made in the options available for sorting them, I still find it a tedious chore to manage them. I love how some developers have really made good sense of how to act upon the notifications but I need a couple of default options available to me for all notifications. I want to be able to snooze a notification to come back to Notification Center at a time I designate. I also would like to pin a notification (as a high priority item) to the top of Notification Center above all others where it would reside until I acted upon it.
  • Probability Ranking: 6 of 10

Snooze for Email

  • Yes. I'm actually surprised just as you are that this does not exist in the default mail app. Meanwhile, every 3rd party email client that comes along has it as a tentpole feature. Please Apple, don't make me ask Siri to remind me about a mail message. I won't do it. I will continue using Spark, Outlook or AirMail until this gets addressed.
  • Probability Ranking: 9 of 10

Smart Folders & Rules in Email

  • Smart Folder functionality exists on the Mac in Mail and within 3rd Party email clients yet not in the iOS Mail app. Rules can be set up on the Mac and even via iCloud.com but on your device in iOS? What gives?! _(ツ)_/¯
  • Probability Ranking: 7 of 10

Share Sheet for Email

  • I do things with my email. I convert them to PDFs, I convert them to tasks. I save them as notes. I send them to pre-determined groups. Apple, listen. You built the functionality that is the share sheet. I'm just asking you to make use of it within your own email app.
  • Probability Ranking: 9 of 10

Contact Group Management

  • It's been on the Mac for years. Why can't I manage contact groups on iOS? It makes no sense. 3rd party apps come to the rescue here. It's still just silly that a 3rd party app is required. Apple, when you finally get around to doing this, an extension for sharing with custom groups via a share sheet would be a nice option. To my knowledge, that does not exist yet.
  • Probability Ranking: 8 of 10

Preview App for iOS

  • I want a full blown native PDF manager on iOS. I want page rotation, deletion, merging, markup, and document signing. iBooks is for books. I don't want it to be the place I keep random PDF documents that I need to interact with in very specific ways. It should be a part of the iWork Suite of apps.
  • Probability Ranking: 5 of 10

Hide Native Apps

  • This one is rumored to be true. I remember in early builds of iOS how you could display or hide the Nike Run app. That should be true of any Apple application that is native yet not critical for the device to function.
  • Probability Ranking: 10 of 10

Set Default Apps

  • There are some apps that are native that I feel offer the best experience for me. Then there are others where Apple has been far surpassed. Email, in my opinion, is one of them. Podcasts is another. How about the calendar? The browser? You get the idea. We all have our favorite 3rd party apps. Many of them duplicate functionality already built in to the operating system. Wouldn't it be nice if we could pick which ones are used by default? Sure would.
  • Probability Ranking: 6 of 10

Customizable Control Center

  • This one is simple. Just include more options and let us decide what we would find the most useful here. I'm not looking for a secondary dock. I'm looking for additional settings options. Apple could put some icing on this cake by making Control Center 3D Touchable for an even deeper layer of access.
  • Probability Ranking: 8 of 10

Lock Screen Pinboard

  • Here is my thought. I would love to be able to pin a music playlist, a book I'm reading, a note or sketch I may need to reference throughout the day or maybe a photo of my wife and daughter to my lock screen. It's a waste of critical space in my opinion.
  • Probability Ranking: 1 of 10

So there it is. My wishlist for iOS 10. What would you like to see at WWDC this year? Let me know.