Going Big


When the 12.9 inch iPad Pro was first announced I was intrigued. Mostly by the larger screen size but also by the power that was packed behind the large display. I've been a pretty loyal iPad user dating back to the very first model. It was announced while I was entering my last year of college and I immediately went all in on it.  It was my textbook, my note taker, emailer, researcher and writing tool all in one.  It was so under powered at the time for what it was but I was determined to go all in on this thing because I knew right then and there that it was going to be the future of computing.

Fast forward several years and iPad has been labeled as a consumption device numerous times in the blogosphere. It is that for sure but, for some it has become their main computer. There are still some things that are much more tedious to do on iPad compared to a Mac or any other desktop computer but at this moment in time, they can be done, and that's a huge step forward from where iPad first started at. With the debut of more powerful apps such as Workflow, the Microsoft suite and numerous other productivity and even coding tools on iOS, many people have also gone all in on iPad and on iOS. I seen this as the future back in 2010 and I still stand by that today, in 2016. For a large percentage of the population based on their jobs and companies that they are involved in - it is impossible and not even a thought to replace Macs and PC's with an iPad and I totally get that. You have to use the right tool for the job in order to be efficient in business and I don't see that changing. For some even looking for a personal computer to use at home they don't want to stray away from Mac OS and I get that too. Fortunately, that's not my case. iPad for me is my main computer. But, I am in a position to where I can get by with that. I am not employed by a company that requires me to use a computer or tablet. In my daily duties I drive a truck and deliver packages. That's it. My job doesn't even matter in this instance so that's a plus for me. My personal computers are both running iOS. I don't need to do any heavy lifting. I am someone who uses a computer for normal things.  Checking social media, sending emails, writing, watching videos, editing photos from family gatherings and vacations, managing my finances and so on.  You could argue that I could walk into another room in my house and do all these things from my 2010 iMac but who wants to get up off the couch after a hard days work?  I want to be able to do all these things from the comfort of my couch on the platform that I am most fond of, iOS.

Shortly after the March iPhone SE event where the new 9.7 inch iPad Pro was announced, I went down to my local Verizon store and didn't put in a preorder for the newly announced, smaller iPad Pro - I traded in my iPad Air 2 for the 12.9 inch iPad Pro that's roughly 6 months old. Why?  I want the big screen.  Every iPad I have owned has been the same size, 9.7 inches. I wanted a change. I wanted something bigger and more powerful than I have ever had running iOS which I love. I wanted a screen size that was a further away from the 5.5 inch screen size on my iPhone 6s Plus. To me, having the bigger phone and the 9.7 inch iPad just doesn't make since anymore. With only 4 inches separating my two computing devices - I might as well only use my phone for everything right? In theory, I could do that but some things are done easier on a larger screen or even with two full size iPad apps running side by side. The 12.9 inch allows me to do that.

I've only had this iPad for a couple of days now and I've already fallen in love with the form factor. In the last 5-6 years I've forgotten what the Internet looks like. What I mean by that is that I no longer have to look at cramped version of mobile web pages or desktop versions for that matter. I can see them in all their glory at 12.9 inches and that is a wonderful thing. Since iPad and iPhone have been pretty much my only outlet into the Internet and computing since the first iPad was announced, that's what I've been seeing. Apps and webpages that are too cramped to enjoy or sometimes even to use depending on the situation. My eyesight has deteriorated drastically over this period of time as well. Even though I am still fairly young, it is one unfortunate thing that has happened to me and the larger screens on my devices has been great for accessing the things to keep my life running from a digital aspect. As I've said since I first purchased the Plus model of the iPhone, I'll never go back to a smaller phone - and I now think that holds true with iPad as well. The larger screen is so nice to run iOS on. Paired with Apples Smart Keyboard Cover it makes such a pleasant experience that doubles as a stand as well as a high quality keyboard. The keys do take some getting used to but after a short period of time it seems like second nature to me.

Although I have to say, iOS needs some work for this form factor. Springboard needs to be reimagined to better fit these larger devices that Apple is now making but, I'm sure they recognize this as well and are hopefully working on making it better for users. All in all in just a few days I'm in love this larger form of iOS and I don't see myself going backwards. For me, iOS is the best platform for what I need to do and I want that in the best package possible which I think is the 12.9 inch iPad Pro.