iPhone Case Review - The Evutec Osprey Karbon S

Over the weekend, I went hunting for a new minimalistic case for my iPhone 6 S Plus. I came across the Evutec Osprey Karbon S Series and it immediately captured my attention. It checked all the boxes in what I want in a minimalistic case.

- [x] It had a small footprint at just 0.7mm thin putting it at just a bit thicker than the thinnest available cases which boast a 0.5mm thickness.

- [x] I wanted something scratch resistant. This case contains a scratch resistant coating. No other minimal case that I have found has offered the same. This one (so far) has stayed true to that statement.

- [x] I wanted camera and screen protection from minor abrasions when setting the device down on it's back or front. This case checked that box by offering just enough lip to ensure that the case is resting on itself and not the actually hardware.

- [x] I wanted it to be tough. While this case does not offer full body protection, the case itself does offer full rear body protection made up of fiber stranded DuPont Kevlar that boasts a strength of that 5x greater than steel.

- [x] I did not want any signal interference. Done.

- [x] I wanted a grippy texture. There is little to no slip when holding this case which I have found to be the opposite when it comes these types of minimalistic cases. 

- [x] Finally, I wanted it to be an attractive accessory. It is.

My day to day usage of this case over the last several days has been delightful. I love the alternate silver and back fabric strands that tie this case together. They truly compliment the space grey color tones of the iPhone. It is so easy to get in and out of the pocket, because while it is grippy enough to hold, it's smooth enough to not snag.

All these attributes come at a cost. At $44.95, the price is a bargain for someone like me who could easily spend 3x as much on cheaper cases made up of less quality materials that beg to be replaced every few months.

Finding a case I like is not difficult. Finding a case I love is quite the chore. I'm thankful this one caught my eye and I see no reason why it can't be my case until I upgrade my phone to whatever comes next.