Apple Watch Day Five

Today, Sunday, is the final entry of my Apple Watch usage. I was a late bloomer today, waking up at 10am. I grabbed my headphones, hopped on my bicycle and began a workout session on the watch. I got my first achievement for completing a cycling exercise after the work out was complete.  I got home, hopped in the shower and left for work. 

I was on my feet most of the day and had no issue reaching my standing goal. A few customers came in, recognized the watch and were curious about it. I gave them a quick demo of what it can do and they left impressed. I modified some of the apps on the watch. I removed ESPN and opted for MLB, I only follow baseball and personally feel the MLB watch app provides more info then the ESPN app. I also removed slack because there is no interactive feature yet and automatic because I didn't find it useful.  

I got home around 8pm and went for another walk with the dogs so I could finish out the exercise goal. That is the hardest of the 3 rings for me to complete. I am active during the day, I walk a lot, but don't get my heart rate elevated enough to trigger the exercise ring.  

Battery at the end of the day was at 16%. My main use for the day was replying to text messages and goofing off with Digital Touch. I am finding that Digital Tough fails to send frequently. I read that signing out of iMessage and back in fixes the issue. Also, trying to remove your friend and re-adding them will fix it, I have to give that a try.  

Final Thoughts

I love my watch. My two favorite features are Digital Touch and the activity monitor. Digital touch provides a fun and different ay to interact with your contacts. Sending your actual heartbeat to a loved one to let them know you are thinking about them is very sentimental. Sending goofy pictures is also fun, until someone sends an inappropriate image.  

Activity is a great way to get you moving. There have been a few times at my main job that I have been so focused on what I am doing that I lose track of time. That's where the sand up reminder is awesome. It's good to get up and move a bit while working at your desk. It helps get the blood flowing, gives you a minute to take a deep breath and stretch. Sitting at your desk, slouched over all day is not good for your body. I am determined to fill all three activity rings every day and that is a great motivator.  

I have grown more comfortable with the sport band, though I am still waiting on the loop band to ship. I have had no issues with battery life. Aside from day one, I have never ran out of battery. I did notice two scratches on the watch. It was bound to happen and unless you are looking for them you won't notice they are there.   

Apps can and will improve.  They are currently and extension of the iPhone app, they do not run from your watch.  Watch apps are also meant to be quickly used, getting you right to the point with no fluff.  They are not supposed to be full fledged apps.  Perfect example is twitteriffic.  The allow you to reply to @ mentions, see your new followers, and compose a new tweet. You cannot view your timeline, which honestly would be kind of difficult to do.  

If you are on the fence about getting the Apple Watch, you have time to decide. Most watches are not shipping until June or July. Make appointments at your local Apple Store to try them on, ask the employees questions and read reviews. Hopefully, my five day journey provided you with some good insight.