Apple Watch Day Four

Another early day, up at 5am to be at work for 7am. I was out of the house close to 6am. I fired up the GPS because I wasn't 100% sure how to get there. Again I was greeted with gentle taps as I approached upcoming turns.

I gave my wife the Watch for our anniversary the night before. She has been having fun with digital touch.

1:45pm 65% battery.

I got home around 3:45pm and took the dogs for a walk. I started the activity tracker before leaving. It worked well, constantly monitored the heart rate and the distance traveled was spot on.

At 5pm I went back to work at the pizzeria. I saw my fist watch in the wild, same model as mine. The gentleman said he loved his. I met my standing goal while I was there, I'm in my feet and constantly moving for four hours.

When I got home I was shy of my exercise goal so I took the dogs for another walk, they get to experience the benefit of the watch too. After the walk it was time for bed. Battery life at 18%.