Apple Watch Day Two

Day 2 started nice and early. Right now it's 5 AM, I work an overnight job and the watch was on charge. I left work at 7AM with 100% battery. I got home, showered and no I did not wear it in the shower, and then got ready for work.

The battery life was better than yesterday. I was not showing it off today as much as I did yesterday. I also modified the notifications that came through to my device. I eliminated a lot of the needless apps like some games and deliveries.

I got to use Passbook at Starbucks. I ordered my drink, opened Passbook, tapped on Starbucks and the barcode filled the screen. I look at the barista and I said I hope this works. I held the watch under the scanner and bing, my drink was paid for. The barista looked at me and said what the hell just happened? I told him that it was the Apple Watch and I just paid for my drink. He looked at me looked at the watch and back at me and said "Damn, that is pretty sweet.

By the time I got home, 6:30pm, the battery was around 35%. I did not do much when I got home with the watch. I did meet my fitness activity goals for the day and got my award.

I had to reformat my Apple Watch. As I was testing out digital touch, I discovered that my ID was showing from a different phone number, my work line and not my personal. I disabled iMessage on my work phone, reformatted the watch and signed back in with my ID. Now messages are working as normal and showing my phone number. Even though the watch was at 35%, I had to place the watch on charge in order to wipe and set up.

I am finding the Sport has been extremely comfortable to wear. Sometimes trying to put the clasl pin into the band hole can be troublesome. I am patiently waiting for the black leather loop I ordered to ship.

Day two was a great day for Apple Watch. Stay tuned for day 3.