Apple Watch Day Three

I woke up, showered, shaved, brushed my teeth and continued to get ready for my day. I had an interview at 9am in a somewhat unfamiliar area. It was the perfect time to test the maps app for directions. I started the directions on the phone in my car. As I was approaching turns I felt gentle taps advising me of an upcoming turn in addition to the audio alerts from my phone.

I knew the person that I interviewed with and he is also an Apple fan. After the interview I briefly showed him the watch. He liked it but did not get to see all of the bells and whistles. There was minimal watch usage at work. I replied to a few text messages and deleted some email.

At 5:30pm I had 56% battery.

I went to work at my second job at a pizzeria. Friday nights are the busiest. I needed to be extra cautious as that is where I usually wind up hitting things like the countertop or the oven. One customer saw the watch and was asking a few questions about it. She has one on order. I made it through the 4 hours I was there with no dings.

I got home around 10pm. My activity rings weren't full so I took the dogs for a ten minute walk to fill them up. It wass just after 11pm and my eyes were very heavy. Before shutting them for the night I checked the battery, 27%.


Will check in tomorrow.