So This is What Apple Watch I Will Be Getting

I knew I would be getting one. The only question was which.

I never even considered the Sport variety. The materials made to use this version of the Apple Watch just won't be durable enough for me to be able to wear this watch on the job. So then the choice was between the Apple Watch with the mirror finish stainless steel and black sport band or the Apple Watch with the fancy black stainless steel and matching band. While I considered the price difference between the two substantial, the fact that I would be wearing this every day all day for the better part of the year nudged me in the direction of the $1100 black stainless option. I thought I had my mind made up. And then.....

I noticed small abrasions on the wrist rest area of my Macbook Air. These abrasions came from the stainless steel Pebble band I am currently wearing. With a new Macbook on the way, the last thing I want to do is scratch up both my new watch and new laptop. I would not be pleased. So it was back to the drawing board. 

I recently picked up these sexy Surface Pads for my iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Mini 2. Why hello you sexy black leather you. You look good on my i-devices. Maybe you would look good on my Apple Watch as well. 

So it's decided. I will be preordering the mirror finish Stainless Steel Apple Watch (42mm variety) with a black leather band

I'm eager for April 24th to get here. I can't wait to tell my friends what time it is.

...And do it in style.