Apple Watch Day One

I received my watch on Wednesday. I started to play around with it around 09:30AM and it had about 75% battery life. Set up was easy, took about 10 minutes to get going. I loved playing with it, messages, calls, activity monitoring, you name it I liked it. I showed it off to quite a few people too, not to brag but because  they knew I was getting one and wanted to see it. I also made a few calls from the watch, one to Clay and one to my brother. They had no issues hearing me and said I sounded good. Hearing them was a little bit harder as the speaker doesn't get very loud.  

I love, love, love the Taptic feedback for messages. I replied to a ton of messages throughout the day.  Dictating to Siri and converting to text was accurate about 95% of the time. I only wish Siri gave you verbal feedback.  

I was also excited for the activity features. Movement tracking, heart rate monitoring and the stand up reminder are really nice features. Since I didn't have the watch all day I fell short of my burned calorie goal, which I moved to 500, and 30 minute activity goal. Hopefully today I will meet the goals.  Around 9pm the watch was at 5% battery. Popped it on charge and was ready to go in the AM.

I will follow up with a new post tomorrow.