Spring Forward Event Recap

  • Video plays of a store in China
  • Tim Cook comes out, thanks everyone for coming
  • Talks about retail - 21 stores in china, 453 stores world wide, 120 million customers visited last quarter
  • Apple TV gets a price drop to $69 and gains HBO Now
  • Teases Apple TV will reinvent TV and its just the beginning
  • 700 Million iPhones sold
  • #1 selling smartphone in the world
  • Customer satisfaction at 99%
  • Pay supported by 2500 banks
  • Almost 700,000 locations accepting Pay 
  • Tim speaks about how important iPhone is to everyone
  • Announces every major car manufacture signed up for CarPlay
  • HomeKit devices will roll out across the year
  • Over 900 apps to track health 7 fitness
  • Jeff Williams introduces ResearchKit
  • iPhone & HealthKit become a diagnostic tool
  • Worked with multiple healthcare agencies in developing apps
  • Apps for Parkinson’s, Diabetes, Asthma, Cardiovascular Disease and Breast Cancer are available now
  • User data is shared how you want it, never seen by Apple
  • Will be open source


  • Mac has outgrown the industry every year for the last 10 years
  • A video plays showing off a redesigned MacBook
  • Tim comes back on stage holding it
  • Thin, light, all day battery, USB C, force touch track pad, 12in Retina display, new keyboard, fan-less, available in Gold, Space Grey and Silver
  • Starts at $1299 for 8GB Ram and 256SSD, $1599 for 8GB Ram and 512SSD Available 4/10
  • MacBook Air gains some spec boosts - faster SSD (13in), faster processor, Thunderbolt 2 avail today
  • 13 MacBook Pro gains Force Touch Track Pad, faster SSD and newer processors (today) 



  • Tim reiterates how Watch is most personal device Apple ever created
  • Most advanced time piece: highly customizable watch faces, ability to add date, calendar events and more
  • Swipe up will reveal glances - weather, heart rate, calendar, music controls
  • Revolutionary new way to communicate with others - send drawing, heart beat, voice clips, receive calls
  • Comprehensive health & fitness companion - movement reminders, step & exercise tracker, new workout app shows calories burned
  • Christy Turlington Burns had exclusive access to Watch and a video is shown
  • Christy comes out to talk about her experience with Watch, and her training blog will be available on apple.com
  • Tim revisits other functions of Watch, maps, passbook, Pay, Siri
  • Kevin Lynch comes out to demo some Watch apps: MLB at Bat, stocks, Flight & Hotel, hey siri, uber, and more.  He even receives a phone call!!
  • iOS 8.2 contains app to set up Watch - available now
  • All day battery life - about 18 hours



  • Video played detailing the milling process for the aluminum 
  • $349 for 38mm
  • $399 for 42mm



  • Video played detailing the process for the stainless steel  
  • Ranging from $549 to $1049 for 38mm
  • Ranging from $599 to $1099 for 42mm
  • Wide variety of bands available



  • Starts at $10,000
  • Limited quantities and only available at select retail stores


  • Preorders on 4/10
  • Can also make appointments to try on the Watch
  • Available on 4/24
  • Available in USA, UK, Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, France, China, Canada and Australia
  • First commercial for Watch previewed