Why I'm Not Getting the iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is the first new consumer based product release from Apple since the announcement of the iPod that I'm just not that excited about. That's not to say that it's not a wonderfully made product worth the price or the logo on the back. The fact of the matter is that the features it does offer over others in the iPad family are not intriguing enough for me to "upgrade" from my iPad Air 2. Let's name the tent pole features of the iPad Pro that really set it apart from it's older less capable siblings:

  • Apple Pencil functionality
  • bigger display (allowing fully viewable and immersible side by side apps)
  • upgraded speaker system
  • better typing experience with full size touchscreen keyboard

These are great features but unfortunately, none of them give me reason enough to fork the cash on this new product. The Apple Pencil functionality will surely be available on the next version of the Air if not the entire iPad lineup. I'm sure the bigger display offers a better viewing experience but is not ideal if held in the hands, then it becomes a burden. While I love how Apple has implemented multi-tasking, I'm actually quite shocked I don't use it more than I do. I'm sure my habits will change with time though. But for now, I am usually working with one app at a time. "Slide Over" functionality is extremely convenient, but I have that on my Air. I use headphones when listening to audio most of the time and while I would appreciate the fuller richer sound of the Pro's audio, I'm not yearning for something more. Finally, I type fine on my Air. A bigger keyboard would not improve my speed in any significant way.

One more note, I don't get turning the iPad Pro into a laptop replacement unless of course you are after device convergence. The new MacBook lineup features a laptop with an amazingly small footprint that is actually significantly smaller than an iPad Pro would be with attached case. Portability is cause for concern as is convenience and that is something that should not be overlooked. I am eager to see how popular this device turns out to be. But right now, I'm just not feeling it.