2 awesome phones, 1 difficult decision 2015 edition

On September 9, 2015 Apple held an event and showed off the awesome iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. The phones have the same design as iPhone 6 and 6 Plus but have boosted internals (camera, RAM, CPU) and a crazy fast Touch ID sensor. Interestingly, the batteries are *smaller* yet have the same battery life. As with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the latter has Optical Image Stabilization, the former does not - the same holds true for this year's design. The other addition to the "S" lineup is a new color, Rose Gold.

As many of you already know, I’m an Apple fanboy and feel the need to have all the newest Apple products on launch day.  So with that being said, it should be no surprise that I was up at 3:02AM to preorder the Gold 6s Plus with 64 GB from Apple - and of course, I secured launch day delivery! With my 6s Plus secured, I tried to go back to sleep but was unsuccessful. Having a 6s Plus just wasn’t enough! I needed to try/have both, so with my mind made up, I would bundle up on Launch Day and head somewhere in hopes of being first in line.

On 9/25 at 3AM, I rolled myself out of bed, got dressed for work and was out the door in 30 minutes. I drove past my local Verizon store and saw there was nobody waiting (excellent I thought to myself), but before I could settle into the parking lot, I needed coffee and lots of it.  With multiple coffees in hand, I headed back to the store and sat in my car for the next 2 hours.  At around 5AM, one more person showed up, and by 7AM store employees had arrived.  I decided to brave the brisk NJ morning, and got out of my car and took my place in line as number 001.

About 20 minutes later, the manager came out to inform us they only had the 6s, but in all colors and capacities. As the clock got closer to 8am, more people started showing up, and when doors opened there was probably about 10 of us.  With that being said, I was in the car 15 minutes later with my Rose Gold 6s in 64 GB.  

As I headed to work, I couldn’t wait to show of my new toys … 6s in hand and by early afternoon, I’d have my 6s Plus in the other. 

Besides going from Space Gray to Gold, I already knew what I was getting with the plus, so I focused more on the 6s.  After a few hours of playing around with it, I noticed something …. I was really liking the feel and comfort the iPhone 6s had to offer! I proceeded to utilizeboth phones for a few more days; while this was going on a buyer was interested in the 6s (I would have have a few hundred in profit), but the buyer backed out just as I was ready to ship it. Was this fate?  Maybe, so I decided to do a little experiment to see if it was really love at first sight with 6s or just the fact it was new that drew me to it. I made the iPhone 6 my daily driver for a full week -  paired everything to it and used it for all my daily needs.

The results were everything you would expect going to a smaller phone - battery life was significantly decreased from the 6 Plus, video wasn’t as easy to watch,  reading and messaging seemed to strain my eyes … everything was just smaller, but it's not necessarily a bad thing - remember bigger isn't always better! I found myself in low power mode by 6:30PM, which I rarely used after the last iOS 9.0 beta build.  Video wasn’t too big of a deal - I watch a few things here & there on Twitter but that’s about it.  As for the text, I simply increased the size a little bit in the settings. Aside from those issues, I had no other concerns. By the end of my week long experiment, I was able to manage my battery usage better, the text size and video playback were no longer an issue, no issues with the photo quality, and to be honest I had really become fond of iPhone 6s. 

The time came to make a decision … was it going to be iPhone 6s Plus which has an awesome battery, a killer display and Optical Image Stabilization, or would it be the slimmer, more comfortable feel of the iPhone 6s with a smaller battery. I truly had a difficult time making this choice. I even said on the latest iOSDocked podcast I was sticking with the Plus because of battery alone but that point was voided by the end of the week. I even tried weighing the feel of the Plus with different slim profile cases but that didn’t help.

In the end I put both devices online for sale, which ever sold first would not be the one I was going to keep. After 2 days of the listing being active and a little negotiating, I was able to sell the 6 Plus for very little profit. The phone arrived to the new owner today (I’m writing this on the night of October 12th, and he is very happy with his new device). I must say that I am also very happy with the iPhone 6s - I’ve made adjustments to avoid the battery drain and I really cant get over how nice this phone is to hold, not sure if I mentioned this before ;). As far as the phone being Rose Gold, I’ll soon have a Caudabe XT case in smoke that hides the color very well (I'll post pictures).

I’m really loving this phone! Blazing fast Touch ID, 3D Touch, the sweet @$$ camera and the overall improved responsiveness of iPhone 6s make this purchase well worth it. If at some point down the road I decide I am missing the Plus, I can simply pay off this phone and finance a new one.

Did you get a new iPhone 6s or 6s Plus? If so let me know what you got in the comments, what you like the most or what you don’t like at all.  I would love to hear your thoughts!