The iPhone 6 Plus Boob Test

Forget jeans. The iPhone 6 Plus is so big, I couldn't hide it in my boobs. 

That is why, come upgrade time, I will be getting the iPhone 6.  

Last year, my sister got carjacked. They pulled a gun on her, stole her car and her purse that was in the car.  Her phone... was safely tucked away in her bra. That's how she was able to call me to pick her up to head straight to the police station.  For me, that's when the iPhone boob tuck began.

I am a single woman. I travel alone a lot and I do go out at night so I'm usually pretty vigilant about my surroundings. Most times when I get out of my car, I tuck my small thin iPhone 5s into my bra. It's become so much of a habit now that I do it at work if I don't have pockets in the outfit that I'm wearing.

The iPhone boob tuck is a real use case for me. I do this not only for safety reasons but also for the convenience of having my phone with me. I carry my phone with me when I walk around the office at work because I am working on increasing my movement and of course the iPhone 5s has the M7 processor which tracks your movement in the background.

That being said, even though I have more than ample bosoms, the iPhone 6 Plus could not comfortably and inconspicuously be tucked into my bra. So when my cell phone carrier allows me to switch plans in November I will be getting the iPhone 6 because it will be tucked away in the safest place I know. Presently even carjacking thieves don't feel women up.  As sad as it is, that this is a real consideration I am not being tongue in cheek.  Inconspicuous bra tuckability (did I just coin a new term?) was the final factor that made me select the iPhone 6 over the iPhone 6 plus.

Which phone are you getting and why?

- Ellyn


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