How I'm Letting Apple Buy Me My Next iPhone

Apple is somewhat predictable in it's year to year event and product cycle. If you follow Apple news as closely as I do, you get a pretty good idea as to what's happening now and what the outlook is for Apple in the year ahead. I use that knowledge along with some of my own financial resources to take advantage of that predictable cycle. 

Let me explain. 

In late May of 2014, Apple announced it would be splitting their stock a month later 7 to 1. After that announcement, but prior to the stock split, I purchased 3 shares of Apple with a market value of $629.30 costing me a grand total of $1887.90 knowing that I would have 21 shares of Apple following the split. 

Fast forward to September 1st and that purchase turned out to be a wise investment as I expected it would. Apple stock rose and rose fast. Following the split, the leaks, rumors and speculation surrounding Apple's next event only helped it's stock price acceleration. The 3 shares of Apple stock I purchased back in May valued at $1887.90 has now turned into 21 shares valued at $2152.50. 

An event in September as spectacular as the WWDC event in June should raise the stock price even higher following the announcements. I expect the stock price will spike the day of the event and I expect I will be able to sell 3 shares of stock the following day to cover the cost of the latest and greatest iPhone model leaving me with a stock value equal to that of my original investment back in May. 

While I can't recommend every one go out and do this, (and I'm sure not everyone has the resources to do so), I just wanted to share with you how I let Apple work hard to basically give me their latest and greatest iPhone to me for free. All that was required on my end was to continue putting my trust in the Apple brand and the leadership behind it. 

Cheers guys! It's going to be a great September!!