Building My Perfect iPhone

With just weeks left before Apple holds their first of multiple events this fall, where they are expected to announce the iPhone 6, iWatch, new iPads and possibly a new Apple TV, I thought it would be entertaining to spec out my perfect iPhone. I am going to try and detail everything I can, from screen size to processor. Let's start with the obvious. 

Screen Size

The iPhone 5S is currently 4inches from corner to corner. While the world is flooded with various screen sizes, 4 inches to 6 inches, I am comfortable with the 4.7 inch sized screens. I have played with multiple phones that are 4.7 inches and they are pretty nice. They are larger so you can view more content but not too large so you can't hold the device comfortably. My brother currently has the Samsung Note 3 and there is no way I want a phone that big. I might as well use an iPad mini at that point.  

Body Style

I love the look and feel of the iPhone 5 & 5S. They are beautifully designed phones and I didn't think Apple could make them better until they released the iPad mini. The iPad mini (also iPad Air) has a rounded edge where the shell of the device meets the screen.  This feels so comfortable in your hand.  Its smooth and continious, feels more natural vs the hard edge on the iPhone.  (find leaked image of iPhone 6). This will be very important with a larger screen size. The hard edge will not be as comfortable to hold as the the rounded edge at a larger size.  


If I could only alter one thing about the iPhone, it would be the battery. You can never have too much battery. A larger device should lead to a larger battery. This is Apple we are talking about and they always like to make the device thinner. I would take an iPhone 6 with a 4.7" screen at the thickness of the iPhone 4/4S if that means significantly improved battery life. I don't think it would add too much weight to the phone and the benefit of longer battery life would out weigh the cons of a thicker & heavier device.  


The current FaceTime camera is 1.2 MP and is terrible in low light as there is no flash. It is ok in good lighting but there is room for improvement. It's not always about the MP in a camera, its the sensors. Imagine if they squeezed the iPhone 4S or the iPhone 5 rear camera into FaceTime camera?  Video calls would be drastically improved. Selfies would look much better in your Instagram feed.  
The iSight (rear) camera is 8MP and has a True-tone dual LED flash(iPhone 5S). This phone takes incredible images. I am blown away at the quality of images the iPhone 5S takes and some people don't believe me when I am show off pictures that were taken with the phone. As I said earlier, its not about the MP, its the camera quality & image sensor. The only thing I would improve on for the iPhone 6 is improved low light image capture. Apple has always focused on photography when it comes to the iPhone so I dont expect anything less this time around.  


The 5S has a 1.3Ghz dual core 64-bit processor. It runs very fast on the current hardware and software. With a larger screen, I would beef up the processor to 2.0 Ghz. Applications are going to get bigger and better and will need the power of strong processor.  


RAM goes together with the processor. This needs to be bumped up to 4GB to help facility the speediness of the OS and apps running. 4GB will provide more then enough for the iPhone to knock out whatever you throw at it.  


Currently available in 16, 32, 64 GB varaities. 16 GB just doesn't cut it anymore unless you don't use your iPhone to its fullest potential. I currently have a 64GB version and rarely am I having storage issues. With that said, Apple needs to eliminate the 16GB as the entry and make 32GB the standard capacity.  This would reduce the complaints that users have 3 months into their device.  By making 32GB they entry size, Apple could bump the max storage to 128GB as they did with the iPad.

Touch ID

Improving the durability and success rate are the only things I would change here.  


I love love love love the gold iPhone.  I am not opposed to Apple offering the iPod touch colors on the next iPhone. I would love a Product Red or a nice deep blue iPhone.

There is my perfect iPhone. A thicker device sporting a 4.7 inch screen and rounded edges with improved cameras, a bigger battery, increased RAM, increased processor speed and available in red or blue. The likeliness of the screen size, camera and processor are high. The battery, Touch ID, and storage capacity are middle of the road likely to happen. Colors besides the Space Grey, Silver and Gold and 4GB of RAM are highly unlikely to happen. I will be purchasing the next iPhone on launch day even without the specs I would like but it's always nice to dream, isn't it?  Tell me your dream iPhone in the comments or on twitter.

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