The Always Changing Launch Center Pro

Launch Center Pro is such a great utility to have for anyone. Whether you use it for personal use only or if you have integrated it into your work life, it is an app that can make common things you do on your iPhone much less cumbersome.

I’d like to share my entire setup - as the title of this indicates, it changes a lot as I combine multiple actions into one over time, or get rid of those that don’t get a lot of usage. I’m constantly trying to tailor the app to better fit my needs on a day to day basis.

Home screen

Current home screen of Launch Center Pro: 



Here you see the most frequently used actions are front and center for quick access.

Fantastical Action Menu

This action makes quick entry into Fantastical quick and easy. Whether it’s multiple Events or Reminders or single entries. This is how I do it. I can also simply just launch the app here as well. You can use this action if you would like.

The Music action simply launches my Music app so I can keep it off my home screen.

I use 1Writer to store all my notes and documents for both personal use and for my job as well. This action allows you to create a new iCloud document in the app or you can simply launch the app from here as well.

I use Clear for those one off tasks that typically do not require a due date. I also use it for lists of all types.

Search Tool
The search tool allows me to search various apps on my phone. I do not include a Google search in this list because I often use a Google search very quickly and prefer to have a separate action for it. Most of the time when I am googling something I want it to be quick and seamless so a separate action makes sense for me there.

New Draft
Drafts is great for quick text capture. I do that here.

Google Action
I used to have the simple system action that comes by default in Launch Center Pro but I came across this from @tobiaslundin here.


Favs Group
My favs group is composed of other frequent apps. This folder is primarily an app launcher but includes a few nested lists as well. I’ll share a few:


This single action allows me to launch MyFitness pal to enter food I am eating, UP to check my progress on my steps for the day tracked by my UP24 band, Runkeeper for when I go on a run or a long walk, Withings for when I need to see my weight from my Withings scale and last but certainly not least the Fitstar app for when I want to workout at home or while on the road.

See my thoughts and love for Fitstar here.

This allows me to launch either Perfect Weather or Weatherline.

Photos group
This group is my most commonly used photo apps and camera. Again, another app launcher.


Files group
This is where all my files live. I have different files scattered in various cloud sources or apps and I can gain quick and easy access through LCP.


A few notables can be found below.

From here I can launch the app, create a new note, create a new note with a photo using IFTTT or launch Everclip to send the contents on my clipboard to Evernote.



I won’t link to this action for security reasons. But, this list provides direct links to documents that live in Google drive. Upon tapping actions in this nested list it sends me to the Google drive app and launches the document that I specified. This comes on very handed while at work and allows me to access documents that I use every night while working at UPS.

Contacts group
This group gives me access to the contacts that I stay in touch with the most - family friends and co-workers.


The general format for all the contacts that you see photos of within the group goes like this:

[list:Call or Message?|📞=tel:|💬=launch://message?body=[prompt-return:Type your message]&to=]5554443333

New Message 
Quick Message with a few options

Here you can dial a number with the keypad or dial a contact from your address book.

This is a IFTTT recipe that allows me to send a text message to IFTTT with the body of the message as #helpme. When I do this IFTTT calls my cell and I can escape from a conversation or situation I don’t want to be a part of. Very handy and useful.

Social group
Again mostly an app launcher but the group does contain a action for posting to multiple social networks.


My posting action

Utilities group
Common utilities that help me get stuff done are here.


Apple ID: clipboard action that places my Apple ID password on the clipboard. Yes, I know some may argue that this could be potentially dangerous but, my iPhone is protected by Touch ID and I feel safe with having this action on my phone in LCP. That can be debatable by some but, for me it works. It’s easier that launching 1Password and searching then returning to iTunes and having to go through the process of attempting a purchase again and getting the password prompt to launch. For me, this works.

Dropbox Actions
Various actions for uploading and getting links from my dropbox account.

Clip to Drafts
This takes the contents of the clipboard and opens it in the Drafts app.

Save Link
This works with a IFTTT trigger to save the link on my clipboard to my Instapaper account.

One of my favorite actions for using timers. I use this app daily for various things and it saves me a lot of time.

Scan Actions
I found this action from the creator of Launch Center Pro, David Barnard on twitter. I haven’t used it much but in testing it works like a charm. It’s something nice to have around.

Display Clipboard
Displays the contents on your clipboard.

With the latest updates to Launch Center, IFTTT integration has been awesome. It has allowed me to get rid of some actions within the app and just let IFTTT trigger them when necessary.

When I start my car, launch Pocket Casts

If it rains, send me a notification and open Perfect Weather

Journal plans for the day in Day One

Journal Daily Summary in Day One

These are a few of my IFTTT and LCP actions that I have made or adopted from others to give you an idea of how it all works together.

If you have any questions or enjoy my setup I am on twitter @blake_woody. Thanks!