All In On Apple

It was made clear to me at this year's WWDC event. This company is not stagnant. This company has not lost it's way. This company has not lost it's ability to innovate. No, quite the contrary actually. Apple is putting the pieces in place to become more than just a technology brand. They are doing something far more important. 

It started with an iPod. It exploded with an iPhone. It evolved with an iPad. And it's not stopping there. Apple has found a way to infuse technology into our lives one product at a time. And they are not done yet. As more and more product categories are introduced, Apple has quietly transformed itself from a consumer electronics company to a lifestyle company. And we are just seeing the beginning of what's to come. 

You could call me an Apple fan, and I wouldn't argue that. But in all honesty, my eyes have simply been opened. Apple understands what it means to "connect" in our modern World. Whether that connection is between people or between devices, they are making sure it all works together. I believe it's because their vision of our future is clear. And they are not only preparing for it, but they are shaping it. Apple is the richest and most valuable company in the World. It's hard to bet against a winner. 

I'm all in on Apple.