My Home Screen by Blake Woody


The iPhone I use is a 64gb iPhone 5s in Space Grey. About 80% of the time I use the Mophie Juice Pack Plus, black, on my phone. It’s nice to always have a charge without having to stop and plug up all the time.

I take a ton of photos and have quite a large iTunes library for music that I like to keep on my device locally. I do subscribe to iTunes Match but that’s mostly for a backup and piece of mind. The majority of everything I do is done on my iPhone so the home screen setup is key to efficiency.

Let’s start with the dock. This is where all of my most used apps live and is typically where my thumb goes first just by muscle memory. 


I’d say the most used app here is Launch Center Pro. The majority of apps and actions that are launched on my phone come straight out of this app. If you’d like to see how I use Launch Center Pro in detail you can do so here.

Tweetbot, in my opinion is the best Twitter client on the iPhone. Twitter has evolved over the years into something that I love but, the direction they are taking with their mobile apps and platform is not something I enjoy. Tweetbot 3 is much like the old Twitter. Tweets are sorted by chronological order by those people you are following. That’s what Twitter is and will always be to me. Tweetbot is beautiful and gesture based and to me provides the best Twitter experience possible.

Drafts, where text starts on iOS. Drafts is essential for getting text in and out of applications and can be used on so many different ways. To get a feel for the application I recommend checking out this tutorial by Asian Efficiency.

Safari is in my dock because I frequent web pages and access the web often from my phone. It feels right to keep it here.

Moving on to the first home screen is where I like to keep the other apps that see a lot of use in day to day usage.

  • Settings: I like to keep settings in the top row at all times because I feel that it is important to access quickly. I would love to see a shortcut placed into control center as a toggle or a quick launch in future iOS releases.
  • Ember: As of recent I have adopted ember as a place to store screenshots mostly now. It allows you to organize them into groups and also to tag them which I find useful. I know there is certainly some functionally missing from its Mac OS counterpart but I’m certain that RealMac will make some quality updates to it in the future. It could be compared to Evernote in a lot of ways but I use Evernote as an archival service. Ember is a nice little app and I highly recommend it if it fills a need for you.
  • Accuweather: Weather apps are a dime a dozen and there are plenty of quality apps out there to chose from. Notably, I lovePerfect Weather from Contrast, the same team that makes Launch Center Pro as well as Weatherline. The features I love about both Perfect Weather and Weatherline are combined into Accuweather. I need a radar and I like to see the hourly forecast. In the past I’ve been going to Perfect Weather for the radar and to Weatherline to see the hourly forecast. I’d much rather have one app interface to see both in so I’m giving Accuweather a try and I love it so far.
  • DataMan Pro: In the past, an app like this was not needed. Now that we are in the smartphone revolution the carriers have capped us all with data so it is important to monitor your usage in order to avoid or minimize overages. Sure, since I am on Verizon I could just log into the MyVerizon app to see my usage but it is too cumbersome. I have to launch the app, enter my username and password, then navigate through the awful interface to find my shared data usage. With DataMan Pro, I can simply tap the icon and see my usage at a glance as a percentage which is nice. You can also set up usage alerts for when you reach certain thresholds in the data amount you set up in the settings. This is a must have app for me and it stays on my main screen.
  • App Store: Because who doesn’t love browsing new apps?
  • VSCO Cam: As I mentioned earlier I love taking and storing photos on my iPhone and I use this app almost exclusively to shoot and edit photos on my iPhone. It is free to download but offers a ton of preset filters to buy if you’d like.
  • Picturelife: Photo management solutions are a hot topic these days. We all have photos scattered everywhere across social media, on our devices and throughout various apps that we use. Picturelife tries to solve that problem by consolidating your social media photos and your local photos into one app. It does a great job and offers a beautiful interface. It is free to download and comes with a considerable amount of storage for free but, if needed they have paid plans as well. This is my solution for the time being but I’m looking forward to the new offerings from Apple is iOS 8 and Yosemite in the fall.
  • Unread: RSS is great for keeping up with the latest news. In my case, tech news and Apple news. Sharing options are important also for me. Unread gives a ton of options for sharing to social media, read later services and browsers. The unique design and beautiful typeface makes reading RSS a pleasurable experience with my Feedwrangler account.
  • Instapaper: I need a place to store all the links, photos and videos for later viewing that I come across throughout the day.
  • Mailbox: the gestures, snooze features, dropbox integration for attachments and support for both iCloud and Gmail accounts are all the reasons I love Mailbox for my email. It’s lightweight and simpler to navigate than the stock iOS
  • Reminders: I use reminders as a part of my to-do list workflow. I exclusively use Fantastical for input but I enjoy the snooze functionality of the stock iOS reminders so I keep all my notifications and badges coming through the stock reminders app.
  • Pocket Casts: this is my favorite app next to Launch Center Pro on my iPhone. I love listening to podcasts and this app does everything I need and more. I’ve tried every podcasting client out there but I always come back to Pocket Casts because it’s that good.
  • Flipboard: this is my guilty pleasure app that has remained on my devices since it’s birth. It’s gorgeous and I love how I can hook my social media accounts into it and see everything that’s important to me in a stunningly visual interface. I also find it pleasurable to discover news and other new things and sources through the user curated content.
  • Clear: the next important part of my to-do list workflow is this little app. Sometimes things that need to get done are better suited for lists as opposed to time based reminders. Shopping lists, projects around the house, work related tasks etc., these all live in clear for me. The app is easy to use and has many different customizable themes and sounds that come along with it. With a recent update you can now add reminders to tasks as well. This can be helpful in certain scenarios with a couple items in your lists.
  • Fantastical 2: if you enter events and reminders from your iPhone and you’re not using Fantastical you’re doing it wrong. It using natural language recognition and allows you to easily assign events and reminders with time frames and due dates the way you know how and it natural to you. Eg. Dinner Party next Monday at The Country Club from 19:00-21:30 - the app will automatically parse and strip away everything that should not be in the event and add it to your calendar in real time. It also has deep integration with Launch Center Pro so you can tap a button in Launch Center, type out your message, hit enter and you’re done.
  • Messages: because everyone I talk to is on iMessage.

The current wallpaper I am sporting is the iPhone Life Wallpaper.
I often update and store all of my wallpapers in a shared photo stream that you are welcome to view here.