WWDC 2014 Rundown

Apple held their annual developer conference where they announced OS X Yosemite & iOS 8.  Tim took the stage and talked about how iOS & Mac users love their devices and then introduced Craig Federighi to talk about OS X.


  • OS X Mavericks has 40 million installs, thats over 50% of Macs
  • Windows 8, shipped in 2012, only has 14% install base
  • 3 new features in Yosemite - Interface, Apps, Continuity 
  • Video showing off new OS
  • UI redesign, follows the path of iOS 7, lots of translucency 
  • Dark mode for the dock and menu bar
  • Notification center gets Today view from iOS, and interactive app widgets
  • Spotlight now front and center, pulls info from the web, not just your system.
  • Shows recent documents from apps you are searching for
  • iCloud Drive - access iOS documents
  • Mail drop - send large attachments, up to 5GB, and have a link delivered to the recipient to download
  • Markup - Sign and write on documents and images
  • Safari - unified bar now includes spotlight
  • New tab view - birds eye view of open tabs
  • Improved video playback
  • Scrollable tabs


  • AirDrop now works iOS to Mac
  • Handoff - start a document on your mac, pick up where you lefty off on your iOS device
  • Instant hotspot - Your mac will see your iPhone and automatically connect to the hotspot feature, no configuration required
  • SMS & Phone calls on your Mac & iPad
  • Available in the fall as a free upgrade
  • Public beta in the summer


  • 800 million devices sold
  • 130 million were to "new to Apple" customers
  • iOS has customer satisfaction of 97%
  • iOS 7 is installed on 89% of eligible devices compared to Android, KitKat only on 9%
  • No "Missed" tab in Notification center
  • Interactive widgets that work on the lock screen
  • Quick reply - never leave your app to respond to a message again
  • Access to recent & favorite contacts in the app switcher
  • Mail has enhanced gestures, swipe to flag, delete, mark unread
  • Can swipe an email you are composing down to view other messages
  • iTunes Radio is NOT a standalone app
  • Spotlight now pulls inform from the web - news, music, movies
  • Quick Type - predictive text entry - learns as you go and doesn't leave your device, context aware
  • Continuity on iPad & iPhone


  • Groups can be named, muted, ability to leave when you want
  • Share location
  • Tap to talk - send voice clips with out having to use the voice memos app.  Can raise to play & record privately
  • Only stays on device for 2 minutes after you have listened so it doesn't take up valuable space
  • Improved image sharing - select multiple images

iCloud Drive - inter app document sharing, open, edit and save the original file

Enterprise - Improved MDM & security - passcode protected apps, auto reply for email, access to 3rd party document services - OneDrive, Box etc...

HealthKit - Centralized location for all of your health related data.  Info can be send to your doctor and they can immediately respond if its urgent.  

Family Sharing - Share photos, reminders, and media (apps/music/movies) with up to 6 users.  Must share same credit card.  Kids must get permission to make purchases.


  • Every photo will be available on every device
  • Search your photos by date, location, album
  • Improved editing
  • New photo app coming to the Mac next year

New iCloud Pricing

  • 5GB free
  • 20GB $.99/mo
  • 200GB $3.99/mo
  • 1TB plans also available

Other features coming in iOS 8

  • Hey Siri, Shazam with Siri, Instant burst mode, FaceTime Call waiting, Panoramic for iPad, Make purchases with Siri, Battery usage app, Wifi calling, Camera Timer, Streaming Voice recognition for Siri


  • 1.2 million apps available
  • over 75Billion downloads
  • New explore section - breaks categories down into sub categories
  • Trending searches
  • Refined searching
  • App Bundles - buy multiple apps at a discounted price
  • App Previews - video demos of the app
  • TestFlight - Beta test apps


  • 4K new API's
  • Extensibility - inter-app communication
  • Interactive widgets for Notification center
  • Safari extensions - Demoed text translation from Chinese to English
  • 3rd Party keyboards
  • Touch ID API - unlocks from keychain - Apps never see your fingerprint
  • Manuel controls for Camera
  • Edit images in camera roll with 3rd part apps, never leaving camera roll
  • HomeKit - One location for all of your connected devices.  Secure paring, works with Siri
  • CloudKit - Provides cloud access to app on the client side, scales data & bandwidth
  • Metal - New graphics - 10X faster the OpenGL, console graphics on your iDevice
  • New coding language - Swift - simpler then Objective C
  • Beta available now, public release in the fall

Thats WWDC 2014 in a nutshell.  I am excited for the predictive entry, iCloud pricing, family sharing and quick reply.  Touch ID API is also a welcomed change. I can't wait to see what else is coming. What are you most excited about from WWDC??  Let me know on Twitter or in the comments below

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