Are We Addicted to Our Smartphones, or Just a Little Something Called Convenience?

My wife says I have a problem, I am always staring at a little screen. I wasn't always like this. There was a time when I looked at my phone to simply send an SMS message, make a phone call (definition of phone call: telephone call is a connection over a telephone network between the calling party and the called party.), change a ringtone or play a random game of snake. She never complained that I was on my phone back then, so what has changed? The truth is, the smartphone is not the addiction, it is what the smartphone has morphed into that is the root of the problem. 

As the smartphone becomes more intelligent, more affordable and more mainstream, the user base of people using the technology grows significantly. And as the number of people using the technology increases, the number of companies looking to turn the page in their growth strategy from analog to digital increases as well. And as the digital revolution continues, the smartphone has become the center of information and therefore the center of our lives. 

So it makes sense that we are using our smartphones more than we used to and that will continue to trend until we peak at a constant connection thanks to better battery life and the soon to arrive wearable technology boom that is hiding just around the corner. 

Look, I'm not addicted to my smartphone. I'm addicted the convenience it offers me. Here are some examples of what I mean. I used to look over reports in a binder. Now I look at attachments in my emails. I used to read a paperback book, now I use a digital screen. I used to keep a journal for a record of my day with actual pen and paper. You young kids may not know what pen and paper is so I found this for you. (see below)

I used to carry around a physical Bible for my studies. Now, I not only have a Bible in my pocket, but an arsenal of annotation tools as well. What about a calendar? You remember back in the day where you would hang a calendar somewhere in the kitchen or maybe on your office desk? Yes. That's become digital as well. Then there are tools and utilities that have been replaced by the smartphone. The watch, camera, pedometer, level, compass, calculator, alarm, fax machine, scanner, clock, dictionary, encyclopedia and in some cases, even the wallet have all been replaced by the modern marvel known as the smartphone. You get the idea. I could go on and on here. 

The smartphone has simplified our life. It has made it super easy to do so many mundane daily activities that one could easily mistake our taking advantage of this pocket-sized computer, for being obsessed or addicted to a little screen. But in reality, at least for me, it's just a matter of convenience.