Rockerchick's Tweak of the Week: iTouchSecure

iTouchSecure is my new favorite tweak.  I picked it up after listening to the podcast Let's Talk Jailbreak over at This takes TouchID to another level. You must have iCloud Keychain turned on so that your passwords are being stored securely there. After downloading this tweak, it is automatically turned on in settings. All you have to do is log into each of your password protected accounts, it is stored in the keychain after installing the tweak. Instead of having to type in your password, it uses TouchID as your authentication for the password and it automagically enters your password for you by scanning your registered fingerprint. When you go to type in a password in an app or in your browser, in the right corner of the password field, you will see a little red thumb print and the field will have a small green box around it. This lets you know that your iCloud keychain password is ready to be entered via using your TouchID registered print. I love this!  It saves you time, it's secure and no more typing those bothersome passwords in. 

Written by Ellyn Gray.  You can find Ellyn on Twitter