A List of Apps I Use

I don't do a post like this often. As a matter of fact, it has probably been a good couple of years. There is an ever-evolving App Store for iOS where tons of amazing apps are available for download in just seconds and often for less than the price of a cup of coffee. With so many great choices, how does one decide which ones to install on their iPhone? Well, I can offer a few suggestions based off my experiences. So let's kick this off. I have limited myself to 7 apps per category forcing myself to select only the essentials. Here they are sorted by category in no particular order with just a few words on each. 



Fantastical: calendar app, quick and intelligent entry 

Day One: the best journaling application by far

Clear: creating lists with ease and do so in style

Mailbox: Intuitively manage your inbox.

Checkmark: the best location based reminder application

Omnifocus: the ultimate task management system

EasilyDo: Let this app handle your reoccuring mundane tasks.


Social Networking

Foursquare: the one and only social networking app based off your location 

Hangouts: the Google alternative to a messaging service

Facebook Messenger: the Facebook alternative to a messaging service

Tweetbot: in my opinion, the best Twitter client available

Instagram: Easily take, edit and post a photo for all your friends to see.

LinkedIn: your business connections managed in a mobile app

TVTag: What are you watching? Let the world know. 



Reeder: my RSS news reader of choice

Pocket: my bookmark and web link inbox

Pocket Casts: my podcast player of choice

Rdio: my streaming music service of choice

Netflix: so much good content for so little dough

Hulu+: Missed an episode of your favorites show? It may be here. 

Vevo: Remember what MTV used to be? Vevo brings it back. 



Launch Center Pro: Become God-like on your iPhone.

Checkie: a tool for getting Foursquare checkin info, I use it with Launch Center Pro

CalcTape: Do calculations and have a editable history tape.

LogMeIn Ignition: Remotely login in to other computers you manage.

Scanbot: Replace your scanner with this portable one that's always in your pocket.

Speedtest: Find out what your internet speed is.

30/30: Workflows and time management merge with this utility. 


Daily (a category I invented, apps related to tracking behavior or events)

Lose It!: the ultimate health tracker

Dark Sky: When is it going to rain? Dark Sky will tell you. 

Deliveries: Keep track of all your deliveries with ease. 

iTV Shows: Watch a lot of TV? Keep up with it all with iTV Shows. 

SportsCenter: It's sports. 

Paper: a more visually appealing Facebook client 

Tapatalk: the ultimate and possibly only Forums app. No need to look elsewhere. 


File Management

1Password: Store and manage all your passwords. 

Cobook: The ultimate contact manager for iPhone. 

Documents: If you are looking for a file system, it could be here. 

Dropbox: Well it's Dropbox. 

Evernote: The catch all for anything you don't want to forget. 

Google Drive: Google's version of Dropbox. 

TextExpander: Take text expansion and keyboard shortcuts to the next level. 

CloudMagic: Find a specific email or data within in seconds. 


Honorable Mentions

BillGuard: Keep a close eye on credit card purchases. 

Check: Monitor all financial accounts, bills etc.

Starbucks: Pay for your coffee with this app. 

SignNow: an expensive but amazingly fast document signing app

SoundHound: What's that song? SoundHound will tell you and let you sing along.

Localscope: Find a place. Then get reviews and directions. 

Zite: It figures out what I like to read and provides me with the material. 


So maybe I left some good ones out. I am always on the hunt for a good mobile application that will enhance my life in some way. Please feel free to comment and make suggestions.