iTunes Free App of the Week

Each week Apple gives iOS users a free app. This week's free app is from Chillingo, Icycle: On Thin Ice

From the App Store:

Games and art become one in the masterfully crafted and visually stunning Icycle: On Thin Ice. Play as the cold naked hero Dennis, and pedal, jump and glide through each beautiful but deadly post-apocalyptic frozen wonderland.

This app offers in-app purchases. You may restrict in-app purchasing using your device settings.

FIND LOVE IN THE MOST UNLIKELY PLACES Help Dennis find love in an icy world that’s not as frozen as it first seems. Ride through collapsing cities and fairgrounds, hop over dormant battlefields and explosive wedding cakes, float down dark ravines, through hostile shopping centres and over a skyline of legs, while poor Dennis is teased and taunted to the fringe of despair.

AN ADVENTURE INTO MADNESS From its jaw-dropping scenery to bizarre creations plucked from Dennis’s sub-conscious, award-winning studio Damp Gnat draws inspiration from art, film, and comedy to deliver an experience that is beautiful, sad, hilarious, compelling, and fun all at once.

Game Details: • A thrilling platforming adventure from award-winning studio Damp Gnat • Breathtaking worlds that are as beautiful as they are dangerous • Stunning soundtrack and unique surrealist visual design • Unlock a wardrobe full of garments to dress and humiliate Dennis • Upgrade vacuum cleaners and umbrellas to reach hidden items • Complete 80 missions to unlock bonus features including the original Icycle game!

Grab Icycle: On Thin Ice by Chillingo for free while you can. App of the week usually ends on Thursday but who knows what is happening with the holiday.